Playing as Danny Zuko, and Sandy Olsen in Grease

Casting Skylar and Ariana would be the best descion this movie could make.

They would preform great together and have great chemistry, Skylar has great experience in singing and dancing films. Ariana is yet to star in a movie but has multiple TV series and many song albums. In the movie 21 and Over skylar plays a bad boy just like he would in Grease. All the roles that Ariana has played she plays a good girl which goes right along with the charcter Sandy in grease.

Some of Skylar's past performances:

Pitch perfect

Wreck it Ralph

21 and over

Hamlet 2


here is a look at Skylar and why he would be a good Danny:

Ariana Grande

Some previous acts that Ariana has stared in:

Sam and Cat



Dancing with the Stars

Ariana Singing and dancing as she would as the charcter of Sandy:

some pictures of Skylar and Ariana from past performances:

Triple Threat Score:

Skylar Astin scores almost a perfect score in the triple threat ranking with a 9 in singing, a 9 in dancing, and a 8 in acting.

Ariana Grande also scores high in the triple threat rank, with a 10 in singing, a 8 in dancing, and a 7 in acting.