orphan train

summer reading 2014

character analysis

Sixteen year old, Molly Ayer, is an orphan from new York city. Her siblings and parents died in a tragic fire in their house. Molly now goes and lives on a train until they get to their destination. She also has to take care of a baby and be responsible for that kid. Molly comes from a poor unhealthy family as stated in the book "despite having lived all our lives in a seaside village". They couldn't afford food so molly would have to feed them raw potatoes and soup while her mother was sick. Molly is a brave independent girl being rasied by strangers.


The theme of the story is very memorable between the two ladies, molly and Vivian. They have both been placed in the same flied of adoption. The setting is taken place in a poor environment with immigrants and slaves its a very touching sad story. I feel that the story was more so about Molly but it was a very inspiring book. The trouble that the girls have been in is so moving and real.