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What Would You Do at School If Fun Deck

This colorful, educational social skills App for the iPhone®, iPad®, and iPod touch® has all 56 illustrated picture flash cards (plus audio of each card text) from the What Would You Do at School If … Fun Deck® by Super Duper® Publications. Select the cards you want students to see, and have them work on solving problems and practicing good social skills as they discuss situations in and around school. The prompts include questions like, “What would you do if … you forgot your homework?” and, “What would you do if … your classmate teased you about the new shirt you wore?”

Purchase What Would You Do at School If Fun Deck from the iTunes app store for just $3.99!

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Scholastic's Everything You Need For...

Scholastic's Everything You Need allows you to search multiple topics to find, well, everything you need to engage students on those topics. Check out the plethora of topics and ideas by going to Scholastic's Everything You Need page!

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