Enon Elementary PTO Newsletter

January 2016

A Letter from the Principal


In case you missed it, Mrs. Jennifer Rudd has been named Enon’s new principal, starting in July of 2016. Mrs. Rudd has been introduced to the staff and we will be providing opportunities for you to meet her as we begin the transition process in March. Mrs. Rudd has great experience and is currently the principal at Bellwood Elementary. She was one of my teachers when I was assistant principal at Clover Hill Elementary. She is very excited about the opportunity to be principal at Enon Elementary. Mrs. Rudd has been part of opening a new school and that experience will be invaluable when the new Enon is opened. I think you will enjoy getting to know her. I can retire knowing that our school will be in great hands.

While we are excited to be back at school and begin 2016 with our students, the start to 2016 has been difficult for our staff. As many parents know by now, Mrs. Beth Molter died on December 31, 2015. Parents, who have not had a child in fourth grade, probably did not know her well unless they had older children. However, I wanted to share what Mrs. Molter meant to Enon Elementary. She embodied the values that we as a school and community hold dear. She was hard working, caring, dedicated and loved teaching. She was soft spoken, but when she spoke children and adults listened. Mrs. Molter was a born teacher. She was not flashy, but always inspired students to do their best. She connected with students and formed lasting relationships with them. She made teaching look effortless, but she was always working hard to become a better teacher. The entire time she was sick, all she wanted to do was return to teaching. She was a wonderful person and a valued friend.

In her fight with cancer, she displayed incredible strength, toughness and courage. When I returned from my back surgery I shared with her that when I was confronted with difficult challenges in my recovery, I just thought about her strength and I was able to step up and do what I needed. We will miss her greatly; however, her spirit will remain alive and well at Enon.


Mike Crusco

Ms. Molter will be missed

The PTO would like to express their sympathy to the family and community. Ms. Molter was a wonderful teacher and had a positive impact on so many children. She will be missed and remembered forever. We wish her family and friends peace and comfort through this time. Her legacy will live on in the many lives she touched.

Fighting for our new school is STILL important! Did you send a letter or email? It's not too late!!

Email the School Board members:

Or mail them a letter:

P.O. Box 10

Chesterfield, VA 23832

Or call them at: (804)748-1497

Email the Board of Supervisors:

Or mail them a letter here:

P.O. Box 40

Chesterfield, VA 23832-0040

Or call them at: (804)748-1211

Not sure what to say? Here are some important points and ideas:

  • As a parent of a student at Enon elementary I am writing to let you know I support the building of a new Enon as planned. Our children deserve a new state of the art school.
  • While we have a wonderful school because of the students, staff and community, the building is outdated and needs to be replaced.
  • It is my understanding that based on objective measures such as the need for constant repairs to maintain the current building, it was identified as needing to be replaced. This was approved by the voters in the most recent Capital Improvement Plan. Please honor with the original plan and build our much needed new building.
  • As a member of the Enon community, I believe we have waited patiently and I support the building of the new Enon based on the approved Capital Improvement Plan. While we understand other schools have needs, the Enon community has waited our turn and it is now time to replace our outdated building.

***Take a look and join the Facebook page: Build Our New School***


This page will give many specifics on the issues the current building has and the repairs that are constantly made.


Our fundraisers are helping so much! The Harvest Festival and the Great American Fund Raiser each raised $5,000 alone! We also won a $1,000 Grant from Exxon. All of these help to increase technology and activities for our children in school!

The Fall L8RG8RS was very successful with many happy kids and parents! The Winter session is beginning soon. It is a great time for all of the kids! Thanks to Mrs. Reker for leading this program this year.

PTO meetings, events, and ideas - all are welcome and encouraged to attend! Many thank yous to the wonderful group of PTO volunteers who lead and helped with the Great American Fund Raiser, Harvest Festival, and more. But there is more to come. WOW, what a year we have coming up - a Winter Dance, Enon's Got Talent, and pizza delivery by the teachers!!! We always welcome new volunteers, new ideas, and new suggestions. PTO Meetings are the second Monday of each month; 6 - 6:15 PM is the social time and 6:15 -7 PM is the official meeting. Come and meet others willing to share their time for our kids!


  • Don't forget to send in those BoxTops.
  • Did you download the Shoparoo app? It is an easy way to points and money for our school!
  • Clean out your closets this fall to make room for all the holiday gifts and place outgrown clothing, shoes or other textiles in a plastic bag. Place that bag in the Clothing to Cash recycling bin located in the school parking lot. The articles will be reused, repurposed or recycled and the school will be paid 10 cents for every pound collected. December's collection was down, but in November Enon was awarded an extra $100.00 for collecting the most clothing/textiles in Chesterfield County! That totals more than $200 for November in awards. Way to go Enon parents and families! We just can't hide that Enon Pride! Let's get the collection back up for January.
  • Don't forget about AmazonSmile. By using AmazonSmile.com instead of Amazon.com, you are easily supporting our school. Each purchase costs the same as the traditional site, however 0.5% of your purchase price will be donated to Enon Elementary. After logging in, search for Enon Elementary PTO for your donations to go to the school's PTO. Use the link here https://smile.amazon.com/ch/26-2599472 or see the picture below.

Thanks to all of the Amazing Volunteers!!

  • The Bannock Family for applying for a $1,000 grant through their work which Enon Elementary WON!!
  • The Wonderful PTO Volunteers who show up for all sorts of crazy things... with a smile! Your time is valued!
  • Mrs. Reker for leading L8RG8RS this year!
  • Mrs. Lackey for her hard work with our communication tool Sign Up Genius, this is working perfectly for classroom parties.
  • Mrs. Bargdill for leading the Great American Fund Raiser AND the Cloths To Cash!
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Dates to Remember:

  • Enon's Got Talent will be held on February 5th, 2016!
  • Enon School Dance is February 19th, 2016.