Doki watch By Mya

The most advanced smart watch for kids


Doki watch is so advanced its like an apple I watch but for kids. Some of the features on this watch is that it has a touch screen they can send emojis to their friends to communicate. On the side of the watch it has a button and if the kid is in trouble they just press the button and it automatically sends a message to the adults phone telling that the kids in trouble or they need help. And if you want to see your child you can just video call them its that easy that way you can see where they are and see them. Speaking of seeing were they are you can just go on your phone and it will pop up this map and there is a little red dot and it moves, why??? Well it moves because that is your kid and it will tell you where they are without them knowing that you are spying on them. And every kid wants to be stylish well here is their chance to have the best style in school doki watch is the most stylish watch for kids I guarantee your kid will love it.And it also gives parents the peace and mind that they desire.
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The variety of the doki watch that your kid can choose from are (blue and neon yellow),(red and orange),(yellow and mint green),(black and blue)

who created it and the price of the doki watch

It is created by Paul Lampkin. The price for the doki watch on kickstarter is only $99.00 and regular price is $179.99 there is no data plans. It also packs in bluetooth,wifi,GPS,3G connectivity.