PLEF Schedule

November 17-21, 2014

Deployment is over!!!!!

Every middle school in GCS officially has tablets!!! Can you feel my praise dance through the screen? Thank you once again for allowing me to assist at other schools just as other PLEFs assisted us during our deployments.

Reaching EC Students with Read Alouds and Edmodo Snapshot had a tremendous amount of interest but due to scheduling conflicts, low attendance. Please talk to your grade level teams if you want me to repeat any sessions during planning.


If you cannot make the Transforming Learning modules then contact me for 1:1 sessions. Take a look at my schedule and e-mail me with a time we can meet during your planning period. We can work on Edmodo, apps, PLE integration or anything your heart desires.

  • Monday: Davis @ Guilford (Repeat of Read Aloud PD during 6th and 8th planning)
  • Tuesday: Davis @ Guilford (EDpuzzle @ 3:30 in the lab)
  • Wednesday: Davis @ Allen/Davis @ Media Specialist PLC @ 2/WSA/Allen Curriculum Night @ 6pm
  • Thursday: Davis @ Allen (EDpuzzle @ 3:30 in the lab)
  • Friday, 11/14: Davis @ WSA

I hope to see you all at the EDpuzzle training! See the video below for more information about this dynamic tool.

Demo Edpuzzle

Important Updates

  • Students can no longer break Eyes on Teacher after restarting tablet, entering passcode, and mashing on home button.
  • Facebook and Instagram are now blocked, these services join Tumblr, Twitter, and Vine on our blacklist. Please send Tamika an e-mail if you see students on these sites.
  • Do NOT send students to the media center for tablet issues. We will begin student tech training next week, but until then, use the ticket on every tablet. It is vital that you have Plan B in place (hard copy/paper resources) for new students, those without tablets and overall personalization.


  • The Instructional Technology and Innovation department provides wonderful resources that every grade level and department can take advantage of.
  • Click here for a full list of the UPDATED classes and more details.
  • Pam James and Sabrina Jenkins have created blogs to offer you an interface to ask questions and find out information about different forms of technology. Please check them out.
  • Instructional Technology Tips and Tools Blog:
  • Integrating Technology in the Classroom Blog:
  • REMEMBER: Please share this information with your staff.
  • Click here to ​access their newsletter.