Update Regarding Ms. Leckbee

April 7th, 2020

Letter from Mr. Jarot

Dear Parents of Ms. Leckbee’s Students,

I truly hope you are able to make the most of this challenging situation by having more positive family time and engaging as much as possible with the Remote Learning opportunities for your students. We have been working as a team at Anderson to build meaningful and helpful learning plans for our students.

Ms. Leckbee needed to take some time off to support a family situation. At this time we don't know how much time she will need, so we have made some plans to make sure your student is still receiving all the Remote Learning attention they need.

Our team of Reading, Math, and Instructional Specialists have met and put together the supports needed for Ms. Leckbee's students. Mrs. Stacy Adams, (Anderson Resource Teacher and former classroom teacher for 12 years) will be stepping in and supporting the Remote Learning for your child. She is very excited and eager to help in this way. She is supported by our Reading, Math, and Instructional Specialists as well as the other three 4th Grade Teachers. I am confident the learning provided will "not skip a beat".

Mrs. Adam's email address is stacy.adams@d303.org. You can reach out to her if you have any needs or concerns. If she isn't able to answer your questions, she knows who in our school can help and will work to address the concerns.

Thank you for your understanding with this matter.

Again, I'm excited that another great Anderson Teacher can step un into this role and help support learning moving forward.


Nathan Jarot - Principal