Korean War

By: Peter Chang

What Happened?

This was a war between the north and the south in Korea. On June 25th, 1950, the North Koreans marched up to the 38th parallel (The border between the North and the South). This was where they landed a surprise attack on the south starting the "Korean War."

Stalin and Truman take sides

With the help of Joseph Stalin, The north was able to get better weapons and well trained troops. At first, Joseph Stalin was nervous about invading the south thinking it might cause a major war with the US, but after the USSR successfully tested the atomic bomb he changed his mid to attack the south. The south was not prepared for a war against the north and without the help of Truman, they would have been no more south Korea. Truman had requested help from the UN thinking that the Soviet Union invaded the south to expand communism.Truman was able to get troops to help the south and that is when the tides turned and south korea started getting their land back.


The Korean war ended July 27th, 1953. For the US, they used 67 billion$ on the war. at the end of the war, there was up to 4 million deaths between both north and south, and 2/3rd of them were civilians. This war was an imortant part for causing the Cold war.

Impact on the decade

The "Korean War" impacted the Decade by helping the south have freedom and not live as communist. This war also took an important part for the Cold war, and it also helped the Soviet Union not to expand communism. This war also impacted many of the korean and how they would have needed to be under the control of Kim Il song ( the leader of North Korea).

Connections to Today and Solutions for the Future

The Korean war connect to Today because if the south Koreans lost the war, then many Koreans would not be here today living with freedom. Because of this war and many wars before, It helped create solutions to the future by helping countries to solve many problems.


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