A Christmas Carol Background

Brandyn Weatherly

Charles Dickens

  • He wrote many books, such as the Pickwick Papers, Oliver Twist, A Christmas Carol, A Tale of Two Cities, and many more.

Industrialization and Poverty

Industrialization had good effects and bad effects. Good effects were faster made products, and lower prices on those products. Railroads were built around England, speeding up transport. All of England was a part of industrialization. There were bad effects, such as many people losing jobs and going into poverty. Other countries got into the industrialization, but it was later than Britain. Britain was the beginning of the industrialization by making inventions with steel, iron, and steam.

Victorian Era and Child Labor

The Victorian Era was the period of time that industrialization began, poverty hit hard, and child labor was a frequent thing to happen. It was called the Victorian Era because the queen at the time was named Victoria. It lasted 64 years, from 1873-1901. A huge portion of kids were working, ranging from ages 4 and up. In 1878, a law finally happened, preventing kids under 10 to work. Many families broke that law though.