Groosham Grange

Anthony Howoritz

project by: Nick Delawder


David goes to school at Beton but he gets expelled from school. so his parents send him to Groosham Grange. When David gets to Groosham Grange he meets a girl named Jill. David and Jill become friends and talk about the school. David and Jill talk about how every kid in school is wearing the same ring it creeps David and Jill out. They try to escape but fail. When they get back to the school, the head master talks to David. That night Jill goes to David's room and Jill tells David to follow her. Jill leads David into a tunnel, at the end of the tunnel there is a mirror. Jill tells David to jump through it he is scared but does it anyways. When he does he is in a cavern with the teachers and they tell David that they are evil.