Sam Houston

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Houston what is your views on these issues?

The Texas debt: Well we need to reduce spending, because the more we spend the more the debt will get worse. We need to try to save as much money as we can. We need to avoid anything that involves money unless it's a immense problem. We can't do anything with the money but reduce spending.

The Native Americans: I know some of the tribes are attacking us, but we have to maintain the peace, we need to stop them peacefully instead of force, but my rival want them gone and he is going to do by force. We can't do that to them because they are people too, and if we force them out of their homes one it will make out debt even worse because of the army, and the peace will not last. I think we should make a peace treaty with the Natives to avoid any more conflict.

Facts about Sam Houston

He was born Virginia on march 2, 1793, Moved to Tennessee at 13 when his father died. Little schooling but loved to read. Left home at 16 to live with the Cherokee Indians who nicknamed him the "raven". joined army at 20 to fight in war of 1812 and became Andrew Jackson's protege. Became adjutant general of Tennessee militia.