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April 11, 2016

Elementary teachers with M-Step questions contact debbie.dimas@hazelparkschools.org

Secondary teachers with M-Step questions contact toby.gordon@hazelparkschools.org

Test Sessions/Test Tickets

Test sessions have been set-up by Toby Gordon and Debbie Dimas. We will also be printing the test tickets and rosters. These documents will be delivered to your building one week prior to the assessment window. These documents must be held in a secure setting. It is the responsibility of building coordinators to carefully review the test session rosters as well as the test tickets with the appropriate classroom, Title I and special education teachers. Building coordinators should notify us of any revisions, which need to be made as soon as possible. It will also be important for building coordinators to notify us of any students who have moved in or out of the building.

Testing Integrity

Assessment integrity is critical if we are to assure accurate and meaningful results. In order to secure the integrity of M-STEP's administration, it is important that all test administrators are properly trained. Our last newsletter contained MDE's Assessment Integrity Guide and the M-STEP Test Administration Manual. We have pulled some of the important information from those documents and compiled them into a slide show which can be accessed at the below link.

New Feature For Text-To-Speech

A new feature called Follow Along has been implemented this year for students who have been assigned the Text-to-Speech designated support. This feature highlights each word as it is being read by the text-to-speech function during the Math Computer Adaptive Assessment, as well as the Science and Social Studies assessments. All students for whom Text-to-Speech has been enabled can disable the Follow Along feature if this is not an effective support. To disable the feature select the OPTION button, AUDIO SETTINGS, and then deselect the check mark next to FOLLOW ALONG.

Online Administration Directions Supplements

Content specific M-STEP Online Administration Directions Supplements are now available. Links to those documents can be found below. These documents are to be used as a companion to the the 2016 Online Administration Directions document (found in last week's newsletter) and should not replace it. The supplements are intended to streamline and simplify the delivery of online test administration directions.

Message From MDE

The Deputy Superintendent, Venessa Keesler shares an important video message to discuss important enhancements to this year's M-STEP Assessment. Click on the following link to access the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VjmBDYUm7CY
Hazel Park's M-STEP Schedule

This M-STEP schedule will be utilized by Hoover, United Oaks, Webb and Hazel Park Junior High.