Walter Mitty

Emily Moretti


The text structure the author uses defines Walter Mitty as a pushover.

Clam 1

First, Mrs. Mitty is bossy towards Walter Mitty. She tells him to get overshoes but Walter doesn't want to. She also tells him that she going to take his temperature because she thinks he's acting strange.
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Clam 2

Second, the parking-lot attendent man is cocky.The man thinks Walter Mitty is helpless because he doesnt know how to take off the chains. Another reason the parking-lot attendent thinks Walter is helpless is because he pulled into the wrong lane.
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Claim 3

Third, a woman on the street made him feel like he is crazy. Walter Mitty siad puppy biscuits out load. The woman made Walter Mitty feel timid because she laughed at him.
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Walter Mitty is define as a victime because of the way he is treated in the story.