Winter Recital

February 16, 2014

Reminders for Recital Day

The recital is a fun, supportive environment where you can share your talent and hard work with friends and family.

Here are a few things to remember:

1. You will be asked to go back stage 2 performances prior to your own. Check the program to be sure you are backstage at the right time.

2. There may be flash photography. If you would not like pictures taken with flash, please let us know ahead of time.

3. When your performance is complete, exit stage left.

4. Photos from the performance will be posted to our Facebook pages, and video will be posted to the Hudson School of Music YouTube page.

Winter Recital

Sunday, Feb. 16th, 1-5:30pm

41 S Oviatt St

Hudson, OH

The Recital is located inside the Barlow Community Center.

Recital Line-Up


Elizabeth Daniels- Voice

Joe Clossin- Voice

Matthew Craig- Voice

Peter Campanelli- Drums

Ben Janesch- Drums

Ayden Stuckey- Violin

Angie Cash- Violin

Lauren Kossler- Cello

Ben and Ava Preston- Guitar/ Voice

Eric Goldstein- Guitar

Melanie Baker- Guitar

Matt Baker- Banjo

Colleen Cain- Guitar

Carol Cain- Guitar

Peter Stitzel- Guitar

Sahiti Yadama- Guitar

Suhaan Yadama- Guitar


Jacob Finley- Guitar/Voice

Jeremey Montgomery- Guitar

Eda Sezer- Guitar

Will Harding- Guitar

Maddy LeRouge- Voice

Elle Smith- Voice

Rhea Lal- Voice

Jenna Trammell- Voice

Mandy and Kate Grimm- Flute

Elina Lee- Piano

Emma Moore- Piano

Spencer Rodgers- Piano

Elise Miller- Piano

Addie LeVan- Piano

Hollie Glasberg- Piano

Colin LeVan- Guitar


Johanna Hiner- Voice and Piano

Kennedi Hobbs- Voice

Scott Gotschall- Voice

Nick Krueger- Voice

Gwen Carson/ Audrey Susz- Voice

Alex Cheng- Drums

Avery Messner- Piano

Bowen Zheng- Piano

Elena Flauto- Piano & Voice

Alex Creekmore- Guitar

Mitchell Creekmore- Guitar

Mackenzie Hampton- Guitar

Drew Tricaso- Guitar

Dominic LaMarca- Guitar

Giana Mutersbaugh- Voice