Class of 2025

Planning courses for your Sophomore (10th Grade) year.

In March, you will be meeting your 10/12 counselor and discussing your courses for next school year (22-23).

You need to be prepared by researching careers and colleges. Focus on CVHS graduation requirements and elective courses. AND, write a plan that helps you reach your goals.

Your 10/12 counselor will help you finalize your plan and answer any questions when you meet together.

Here are the instructions:

Step 1: Start with the end in mind...update your EDP and 4 year plan.

Students are encouraged to update their Educational Development Plan (EDP) on Xello. If your EDP is not 100% complete, you can work on updating the plan. If your EDP is already complete, you can use this information to plan for your high school courses. This is a great starting point for your Sophomore year schedule. Below is a 4-year plan you can download so you can stretch out your 10th, 11th, and 12th-grade years but Xello's 4-year plan is use it.

Need info on Xello? Go to this site:

Step 2: Check your Graduation Progress in PowerSchool.

Log onto PowerSchool using the full website version (not the phone app). There you will find a button called "graduation Progress". Look at the courses you need to finish to earn your diploma.

For 10th grade, most of you will need English 10, Geometry (or an advanced Math course), Physics I and Chemistry I, AND United States History.

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Step 3: Watch this video and download the CVHS Course Offering Book and draft a course request list.

Watch the course request video and download the Course Offering Book. You should download the Course Request Worksheet for 10th grade. That info, as well as the forms, are available for you to download below. Get input from your parent/guardian, teachers, and counselors.
Class of 25 requesting courses for your 10th grade year

Step 4: Be ready to meet with your 10/12 counselor in March.

Your Biology teacher will bring your class to the 9th Grade Center Media Center to meet with your 10/12 counselor and enter your course requests into PowerSchool. Here's the schedule:

Individual Advising and Collecting Schedule Requests

Wednesday, March 23rd:

1 Netzley

2 Brooks/Netzley

3 Brooks/Netzley

4 Brooks/Netzley

5 Brooks/Netzley

6 Brooks/Netzley

Friday, March 25th:

1 Demick/Clemans

2 Clemans

3 Demick/Clemans

4 Demick

5 Demick/Clemans

6 Demick/Clemans

Make-up day:

Tuesday, March 29th

1st hour

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why can’t I select my English, Math, Science, and Social Studies required course?

Chippewa Valley Schools used a process that included multiple sources of data to assign students to some required courses. Recommendations from your teachers, results from your standardized tests like NWEA, and your grades all go into determining your required courses.

What if I want to make a change to the courses that were recommended for me?

If your parent approves, you can ask your counselor to make changes to the recommended courses. Just download the "Change to Recommendations form" below, have your parent sign the form, and return it to 9th Grade Counseling Office.

Why do I need Alternative (2nd) choices?

Many of our CTE courses have space and capacity limits. We also share some of the programs with Dakota High School which further limits the available space. Plus, there can be schedule conflicts where two of your courses are offered at the same time. So we need options to fill in if your 1st choice is not available for you.

Other forms you may need...

Contact your 10/12 counselor with questions by email. (Feel free to ask your current 9th grade counselor.)

Student's Last name: A-Co

Mrs. Kimberly Koskos

Student's Last Name: Cp-Hes

Mr. Scott Merchant

Student's Last Name: Het-Mcf

Dr. Dan Lawrence

Student's Last Name: Mcg-Sed

Mrs. Sydney Radzinski

Student's Last Name: See-Z

Mrs. Stephanie Pitcher