Baltrushaitis Class 2016-2017

5th Grade High Ability!

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Our first class picture :)

Our Learning Goals for the Week

Here are our learning goals for next week. I have also included the standards that correlate with the goals. We have a busy week ahead with a lot to cover!

Learning Goals:

Math- Learning Goal 1: I can divide by decimals.

Goal 2: I can differentiate between prime and composite numbers.

5.C.8: Add, subtract, multiply, and divide decimals to hundredths, using models or drawings and strategies based on place value or the

properties of operations. Describe the strategy and explain the reasoning

Writing- Learning Goal: I can list and correctly use prepositional phrases in a sentence.

5.W.6.1d Demonstrate command of English grammar and usage, focusing on: Prepositions – Writing sentences that include prepositional phrases and explaining their functions in the sentence.

Reading Goal: 1: I describe the characters in my story and make predictions about their actions.

5.RL.2.3 Describe two or more characters, settings, or events in a story or play, drawing on specific details in the text, and how they impact the plot.

Social Studies Goal: I can define the term “economy”and explain how a market economy works.

5.4.6 Use economic reasoning to explain why certain careers are more common in one region than in another and how

specialization results in more interdependence.

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Spirit Day

Every Friday is Spirit Day at JM! The students who wear purple and gold in our class get to make $5 in mini economy money.

Movie Making Fun This Week!

Student of the Week

Lara D. was our student of the week this past week. She brought many interesting items from home that everyone could not stop looking at! Way to go girl!

This Week in Our Subjects

Reading- We are finishing up our movies and beginning the novel "Walk Two Moons." On Tuesday of next week, we will be having other classes come into our rooms to watch our movie masterpieces that we all worked so hard on!

Math- We are testing over dividing decimals, and will move on to factors and prime and composite numbers.

Social Studies- We have skipped ahead to Unit 7 and are learning all about the economy of the U. S.! We skipped ahead so the students could properly prepare for Market Day in December. Ask your child about Market Day and what they think they might sell! We are also starting a fun Stock Market game this week to help the students to better understand how stock works.

Writing/Grammar/Spelling- Our Unit 9 words will be coming home on Monday. Our Greek Roots for the week are cent, duct, fus, and luc. We will also be learning about prepositions.

Author Talk

We have an author coming to our school! Bob Moulesong is the Valpo author of the book "Magic, The Door In The Floor." He will be coming to the fifth grade the week of 10/31. The following flier is going home tonight. If you would like to preorder his book, it is $16.00, check or cash. The money is due by next Thursday if you are interested! The flier is below:

Do You Believe in Magic?

Valparaiso author Bob Moulesong will visit Joan Martin Elementary School the week of October 31 to read from his chapter book Magic.

Magic: The Door in the Floor is the first book in the Magic trilogy, written for 6-to-12 year olds. In Book One, we follow along as siblings Carrie, Cody, and Claire discover a mysterious door in the floor of Lucy’s doghouse. When Claire and Lucy disappear through that door, Carrie and Cody are obliged to follow and try to rescue their sister and dog.

On the other side, they discover a magical world full of playtime, cupcakes, and all the ice cream they can eat.

But thing are not always as they appear. There is magic, and there is trickery.

Too late, Carrie learns there is no path home for Claire, the chosen child of the Underground. With the help of neighbor and magician Mr. Burke, they are soon in for the fight of their lives as they try to escape and rescue their little sister.

Copies of the book are available by filling out this form and returning it with $16.00, check or cash. All books will be autographed and delivered during Bob’s visit.

In addition to publishing four children’s books to date, Bob is a freelance journalist for the NWI Times newspaper. You can contact him via email at

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Cookie Party!

A copy of this flier is going home tonight with your child. See below:

United States Cookie Party!

All students who scored 90% or better on their 50 states test (Way to go!) will get to have a pizza/United States cookie party on Thursday, October 20. All we ask is that each student bring in $2.00 to cover the cost of the pizza, as well as bring in the items to decorate the cookies. (We provide the cookies)

Students have met in their groups and brainstormed what they need to bring to make these cookies accurate depictions of the United States. Below is what your child and their group members have signed up to bring:


What the Item Represents on the cookie (Ex: Mountain, lake)-

Name of Student Bringing It In-

Students are responsible for bringing these items in! Please send money and items by Monday, 10/17. (AT THE LATEST 10/20.)

Thank you, and feel free to email with any questions,

The 5th Grade Team