Bowie Elementary News Bulletin

Meeting Mrs. Hardy


1. What is your budget philosophy?

“Student achievement and the budget are tied in together. It is imperative that I view it as a tool that is going to help our students achieve success. I always have to keep in mind ,”how is this program, etc, going to benefit the student? And is it worth it?”

Hiring a Classroom Teacher

What interview process do you have in place for hiring a classroom teacher?

I believe that the team that is going to be impacted the most should have a say in who their new team member is going to be. I meet with the team and we go over some of the questions we are going to ask to ensure that we are going to get the best candidate for our school and it also ensure that we aren’t being repetitive in our questioning. After we have interviewed all candidates, I hold another meeting to get their feedback and discuss the qualifications of the candidates.

Also, if I'm torn between two candidates, I will always request a second interview and continue collaborating with with team to ensure we get the best candiate for our school.