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U-32 Alum Lindsay Richardson Teaches Us to Follow Our Dreams!

What do parents, family, teachers, friends really want you to do after High School? Follow your dreams and take massive action to achieve them. There is nothing better than seeing someone you care about succeed in a way that brings them joy. There is no one path that is right for everyone. What will your path be? What is your passion? What dream will you pursue with massive action?

2007 U-32 Graduate, Lindsay Richardson, moved to LA right after high school to pursue her dream of making it big through dance. She spent countless hours taking classes, auditioning, and pouring blood, sweat and tears into her practice. Fast forward 10+ years and she’ll be dancing her heart out alongside Justin Timberlake and the Tennessee Kids during this year’s Super Bowl LII Halftime show, airing on February 4th at 6:30 EST.

After years of dedication, hard work and taking massive action, Lindsay has turned her dancing into her career. She has been in countless music videos with a variety of artists including Britney Spears, Justin Beiber, Nicole Scherzinger and 50 Cent, Justin Timberlake, and most recently with Keith Urban and Carrie Underwood. She worked animation jobs providing the dancing for multiple Wii games and the dancing for beloved character Poppy in the movie Trolls. She danced around the world for 18 months while on tour with Justin Timberlake for his 20/20 tour and recently returned from a four month tour throughout Japan with the Japanese Pop band J Soul Brothers.

Coming home from Japan to an invitation to participate in the Super Bowl Halftime Show was just the thing to keep her motivation high and celebrate her hard work. Following her dreams despite many lean years when she started out made it all worth it.

While Lindsay’s dream was to dance, there are so many different avenues you can take. What are your dreams? What is your passion? What action do you need to take?

Photo Credits: Eri Samuta

Look for U-32 Alum Liz Stephen in the Olympics!

Liz Stephen of East Montpelier is headed to the Olympics again!

According to her bio on usskiandsnowboard.org, Liz started in Alpine skiing but crossed into XC skiing as a sophomore in high school. This February will be her third time representing the United States in the Winter Olympics. Yet another example of a U-32 alum working hard to follow her dreams.

Furniture Design Class: Designing Furniture For a Cause

Students in Furniture Design this semester are kicking off with a community service project. A member of the U-32 staff recently lost everything in a fire and students in the class are building a coffee table and two end tables for her as their first project this semester!

U-32 Students Accepted into Governor's Institutes of Vermont Winter Weekend!

Congratulations to Sophia Heinz (Weekend Design/Build Engineering) and Frances Kaplan (Weekend Directing Theatre)!

Winter Weekends are two-day intensive learning experiences for Vermont 9th-12th graders. Students live on a college campus all weekend and explore a topic they’re interested in in-depth with professional mentors and new friends who love the same activites. Winter Weekends are jam-packed with fun, learning, and community-building and are a great way to get a taste of what GIV summer Institutes are like.

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News From Student Services


  • Use February/March break to visit colleges.
  • March 10 Test date for SAT Reasoning & SAT Subject Tests.
  • Some states have FAFSA deadlines as early as March 1.
  • Keep your grades up. Study hard for exams. Colleges take senior grades seriously. Colleges will want a final transcript and expect to see a strong senior year. Any serious drop in grades or level of difficulty could result in your acceptance being rescinded.


  • April 3: End of Quarter 3
  • April 4: Start of Quarter 4
  • Regular Decision admissions letters begin to arrive.
  • Discuss the financial aid package provided by each school with your family. If you haven’t received financial aid packages by early April call to make sure all necessary materials arrived.
  • Attend admitted students’ weekends at college campuses.
  • Use April 16-20 break for any additional campus visits.
  • If you are on a wait list set up a meeting with your counselor to discuss options.
  • Celebrate with family and friends!
  • Send in the acceptance notice to your chosen school. Make sure to send in your deposit.
  • Decline offers of admission from remaining colleges.
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As in previous years, our school board has chosen to participate in the Winooski Valley Regional Public School Choice Collaborative for 2018-2019. Through this program and the state school choice program, students may apply to go to any public high school in Vermont at no cost. The Vermont Legislature passed a law in May 2012 (Act 129, Sec. 34. § 822d 2A) which allows high school students to apply through school choice to any public high school in Vermont. This law sets rules for school districts regarding the number of entering and exiting student slots allowed through school choice. Students are chosen by lottery from all the applicants for each school district based on the number of open slots. You may view school choice information at the Vermont Department of Education website: http://education.vermont.gov/vermont-schools/school-operations/public-schools/public-high-school-choice

If your high school student is interested in attending a public high school other than U-32 next year, please contact U-32 Student Services to obtain a school choice application form at 802-229-0322 or email tmartin@u32.org. Completed applications must be received in the U-32 Student Services Department by Wednesday, February 28, 2018. You will be informed of the outcome of the lottery by April 1, 2018.

*Parents are responsible for providing their student’s transportation if they are chosen.*

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Course Selection 2018-2019

Current students in grades 7-11 will receive a U-32 Program of Studies on Feb 1st during Callback. Students should work with their TAs and parents/guardians to finalize their course requests by Feb 18th. Scheduling conferences will be held for students in grade 8 and 10. Parents/guardians of 8th & 10th grade students, please contact your student’s TA if you have yet to schedule a meeting.

Current 6th grade students received a U-32 Program of Studies, a course selection sheet and health forms on January 18th. 6th graders need to return their course selection sheets and health forms to their elementary school no later than Feb 14th.

Incoming high school students will receive their schedules in May. Times will be allotted in May for students to make any changes to their schedules.

Move Up Day (for incoming 7-12 graders) is scheduled for June 12th and additional information will follow.

Finalized schedules will be mailed home in June with Quarter 4 report cards.

Student Directed Learning

Flexible Pathways: Student Directed Learning

Even before Act 77 required flexible pathways for student learning, U-32 was providing student-directed learning options. Most students start with Branching Out (middle school and high school versions) and they choose one topic of study which usually takes one class in their schedule. That class time is used by the student to develop and carry out their study plan. There have been many great topics from American Sign Language and Italian to Physical Therapy and Law Enforcement. Other students have enjoyed pursuing their passions in Baking, Nutrition, Yoga, Guitar, Beekeeping and Herbalism. Students who excelled in, and enjoyed learning via Branching Out often carry on additional self-directed learning through either the Pilot or Community Based Learning programs.

Alternate Path to Graduation is a bit different. Students are usually completing their requirements for graduation (that might look like one or two credits they need to gather to finish out their program) but in the future the program may allow students to demonstrate skills and knowledge in the proficiency based system in order to graduate. In all cases, student directed learning is a great way for students to demonstrate the skills and knowledge outlined in the Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs).

Branching Out

Open to students in grades 9-12

Branching Out is a program for students who want to expand their learning beyond the classroom. Branching Out is for students who want to:

  • Create individual learning plans based on their own goals and learning styles

  • Spend a portion of each week learning independently, outside of school

  • Get high school elective credit (or transferable skills) for completion of their learning plans

  • Study subjects not currently offered at U-32

  • Work and study with mentors in the community

Branching Out students need to:

  • Demonstrate independent study skills and a strong desire to learn

    Cooperate, communicate, and keep commitments

  • Ask for and accept support from adults and peers

  • Be dedicated to learning and the development of self-discipline

Credit earned through Branching Out is elective only. Branching Out studies are full year unless special permission for different timing has been approved. To enroll, students need to complete an application form and interview. Acceptance is generally first come/first served, with priority given to new applicants or to juniors and seniors. Interviews are conducted starting in March for the following academic year. For more information and/or an Application for Enrollment, please contact the Branching Out Advisor, Karen Liebermann or Student Services Office.

The Pilot

Open to students in grades 9-12

The Pilot is a rigorous program of mentored independent study that allows U-32 students to design their own learning and incorporate their passions and interests. Working with a committee of teachers and advisors, students create their own learning plans that address standards through project based work, internships, and classes that will be assessed by U-32 teachers. The Pilot seeks motivated, curious learners who are eager to pursue their passions and are looking for a different way to approach and take ownership of their education. Students gain a deeper understanding of who they are as learners in the Pilot, which allows them to take a hands-on approach and explore their interests. See current student work.

Kristina - For the first time in my whole life I have freedom in my learning, but so much responsibility comes along with it. Now I actually need to have awareness of “how” I learn, now I am teaching myself! (from the pilot blog)

To enroll, students need to complete an application with recommendations and an interview. Interviews are conducted in April for the following academic year. For more information please contact the Pilot Program Advisor, Amy Koenigbauer, or Student Services Office.

Community Based Learning (CBL)


Students obtain experiences that engage the community as an extension of the classroom, for the purpose of career exploration, training, or genuine curiosity and interest in a subject area. Students will map out a learning plan with goals, take action steps, prove / document their learning with artifacts, and understand all skills developed using the U32 SLO’s. Time during the semester is spent in class, with the instructor, at an internship, or with a mentor in this student driven course.

Alternate Path to Graduation (APG)

The Alternate Path to Graduation is a high school completion program for students over the age of sixteen who are highly skilled and/or at risk of dropping out and/or not enrolled in school. The Alternate Path provides a comparable path to a degree for students over the age of sixteen who face special circumstances in achieving their degree. The Alternate Path to Graduation is in alignment with the Vermont Department of Education’s Flexible Pathways Initiative, created by Act 77

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Dual Enrollment/Early College

As a current Vermont high school junior or seniors, you are eligible for two Vermont Dual Enrollment Vouchers, allowing you to take one free college course in your junior year of high school and one in your senior year of high school.

It’s called Dual Enrollment because your free college courses will also earn you credit towards graduation from high school.

Dual enrollment is offered through all VT public colleges/universities and some private colleges to. Go to

http://www.vtdualenrollment.org/ for a list of participating colleges and to request a dual enrollment voucher.

High School Seniors are also eligible for Early College- go to http://education.vermont.gov/student-learning/flexible-pathways/early-college for more information

Academically Talented is a program that offers Vermont high school students the opportunity to enroll in UVM courses, gain college credit, and receive a 50% in-state tuition reduction.

  • Access to UVM summer and academic year courses is on a space available basis with set registration periods, meaning students will be registered 3 weeks prior to course start date during the academic year. During the summer, high school students register at the same time as all other students.
  • Go to http://learn.uvm.edu/high-school-2/payment-options/academically-talented/ for more information
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College Pathways

This free conference guides students and parents through the college process—from thinking about how to find colleges that meet the student’s needs to outlining the specific steps of applying to programs and getting financial aid. Wondering where to start your search, how to prepare and apply, or strategies for paying the way? If yes, then this event is for you.

High school juniors, sophomores, and parents – Save the date for College & Career Pathways 2018, a great day of workshops to help you plan for your future after high school.

  • March 17, Saint Michael's College, Colchester, 9:00 AM - 1:30 PM
  • March 24, Northern Vermont University @ Johnson, 9:00 AM - 12:30 PM
  • April 7, Castleton University, Castleton, 9:00 AM - 12:30 PM

NEW THIS YEAR: workshops for students who want to go directly into the workforce, with resources on apprenticeships and skilled trades.

Registration opens February 1.

Here's what others shared about the event:

· "I was so confused and anxious about my future. This workshop gave me many helpful tips. Thank you!" (student)

· "The SAT/ACT prep blew my mind." (student)

· "Thinking about college is overwhelming ... but now I know where to begin. You provided excellent guidelines & resources." (parent)

Register online at vsac.org/CollegePathways

Web Resource for Students www.gotocollegevt.org is a website that was launched by CCV, the State of Vermont State Colleges and VSAC through a College Access Challenge Grant. The website presents a variety of resources on dual enrollment for high school students and parents in a lively format, focusing on the big questions teens face as they transition into adult.

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SAT and ACT Testing

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Scenes from the Art Show!

Green Team - Trash Audit

The Green Team held a trash audit in the atrium on Wednesday, January 24th. Green team members worked with CVSWMD folks to sort and weigh the trash, recycling and compost from Tuesday, January 23rd. This took place in the atrium where members of the Green team worked during their free bands and lunch to sort through the waste. The event was set up in hopes of learning how well the U-32 school community does with composting and recycling and what might be done as a school to increase recycling and composting and reduce waste.
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Greater Burlington Math League

Monday, Feb. 5th, 3pm

930 Gallison Hill Road

Montpelier, VT

U-32 is hosting a Greater Burlington Math League (GBML) Meet on Monday, February 5. Nearly 200 students from 14 different schools will travel here to compete. There are five meets held each year where students can challenge themselves with rigorous math problems. If you are interested in participating or just want to know what the math league is all about, see Kendra Christiana in Room 225.

Here is a sample question from our last meet: If a circular track is 5 meters wide and it takes a horse, traveling its fastest, π more seconds to travel the outer edge than the inner edge, what is the horse’s speed?

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Governor's Institute of Vermont Presentation

Tuesday, Feb. 13th, 12:45pm

930 Gallison Hill Road

Montpelier, VT

Hey, 9th-11th graders!

With Institutes in Arts, Astronomy, Entrepreneurship, Environmental Science, Health and Medicine, Digital Media, and more, the Governor's Institutes of Vermont will make your summer unforgettable. the Governor's Institutes of Vermont (GIV) is a great opportunity to stay on a college campus for a week, with peers who are just as passionate and curious as you are--and best of all, it's completely affordable for every Vermonter. Applications open February 1st at giv.org/apply and applications must be submitted by March 14th, 2018.

Sign up for callback with Jody on Tuesday, February 13th. You'll meet GIV's representative on and get your questions answered! Hope to see you there!

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Dartmouth College Summer 2018 Opportunity for High School Students

The Health Careers Institute at Dartmouth is offered during July and August for high school students who have expressed an interest in working in health care or want to know more about clinical and non-clinical health careers. Students entering grades 10, 11, and 12 who want to learn about careers and important issues and topics in health care today, are encouraged to apply. Learn more and apply for the Health Careers Institute. The deadline to apply is March 5, 2018.

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he University of Vermont is pleased to offer academically challenging experiences designed to bring out the best in high school students.The University of Vermont is pleased to offer academically challenging experiences designed to bring out the best in high school students.he University of Vermont is pleased to offer academically challenging experiences designed to bring out the best in high school students.

The University of Vermont is pleased to offer academically challenging experiences designed to bring out the best in high school students.

We are now accepting applications for our summer pre-college courses, providing motivated high school students 100+ opportunities to:

  • Earn college credits
  • Experience campus life (or learn online)
  • Discover a new interest and potential career paths
  • Explore a subject that isn't offered at their high school
  • Gain a competitive advantage when applying to college
Additionally, UVM’s Summer Academy program is open for enrollment for 10th, 11th, and 12th grade students, providing them with the unique opportunity to earn 3 college credits through intensive 4-week courses (2 weeks on-campus followed by 2 weeks online).

This year’s Summer Academy courseofferings include:
  • Health and Medicine: Students can discover their interests, learn about the latest advances in bioscience and molecular medicine, and develop an understanding of diverse medical and health science career paths that might be right for them.
  • Biomedical Science and Human Disease: In this introductory course, students will expand on the knowledge learned in high school biology and chemistry to explore the biomedical sciences including Microbiology, Immunology, Molecular Genetics, Clinical Biochemistry, and Hematology.
  • Using Drones to Map, Monitor, and Measure Our Changing Landscape: UAS or drones, have provided us with new ways to map, monitor, and measure our changing landscape. In this course, students will learn how to operate drones and process drone data to in support of environmental mapping and monitoring.
  • Shakespeare in Practice: In this creative course, students will train with teaching artists of The Vermont Shakespeare Festival, a professional theater that works in collaboration with the Department of Theatre at UVM. This course utilizes Shakespeare’s MACBETH as a framework for full-bodied actor training including Technique, Movement, Voice and Speech, and Intro to Theatre Production/Design.

Click here to learn more!

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach us at 800-639-3210.

Kind Regards, The UVM PreCollege Team

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Time to Think About Spring Sports!

If your son or daughter has not signed up for a spring sport – now is the time. Signing up now allows me to get information out to interested athletes and also allows me to prepare for numbers of players. If you haven’t already done so earlier in the year, please have your son or daughter see me in my office next to the weight room or drop me an email to sign up.

We will be sponsoring Girls/Boys Lacrosse (MS & HS), Girls/Boys Track (MS & HS), Boys Baseball (MS & HS), Girls Softball (MS & HS) and Boys/Girls Tennis (HS only).

Important Upcoming Dates:

Thursday, March 8 High School Winter Sports Dessert – 6:00pm in the cafeteria.

Monday, March 12 High School Baseball Pitchers and Catchers start practice

Monday, March 19 6:00pm Spring Sports Meeting for all high school and middle school parents and athletes who are interested in playing a spring sports.

Come meet your coach and receive information about tryouts and the season plan!

Tuesday, March 20 High School Spring Sport Practices begin

Practices for Middle School Students will start when the weather allows - generally sometime between April 2 & 13.

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Central Vermont College Fair

Tuesday, April 3rd, 6:30pm

930 Gallison Hill Road

Montpelier, VT

Approximately 80 colleges/universities have been invited to present at U-32. Each representative will be asked to hold four 25 minute college conferences (6:30-7pm, 7pm-7:25pm, 7:30pm-7:55pm, 8pm-8:25pm) throughout the evening. This format allows each student to visit at least four schools, with the opportunity of receiving information from 12 schools if both parents accompany the student.

Lists of participating colleges and agencies attending will be available in late March

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K-12 Statewide Math Fair 2nd Annual

Burlington, Vermont: The Vermont Council of Teachers of Mathematics will be sponsoring the second annual K-12 Statewide Math Fair at the University of Vermont on April 7, 2018. This opportunity is open to all Vermont students. The deadline to register is February 15, 2018.

Last spring, 32 projects were judged by four teams of two. Judges included UVM faculty, classroom teachers, pre-service teachers and interested people from the STEM industry. Building upon the success of last year, we anticipate even more projects and have secured more space in the Votey building of UVM. We hope that many of our participants from last year will join us again this year with more terrific projects.

The rationale for the Math Fair includes

· generating excitement around math,

· providing low stakes competition for K-12 students throughout Vermont,

· reaching a wide audience,

· creating a public outlet for math while building community involvement, and

· providing a big opportunity for High School students to attain evidence to demonstrate proficiency in transferable skills and math proficiency through a flexible pathway.

The registration form as well as photos from last year’s projects, the judge’s worksheet, and a long list of project ideas can be found at VCTM’s website: https://vctm.wildapricot.org/

We’d like to thank our sponsors: The University of Vermont, The National Life Group, and Costco.

Vermont Council of Teachers of Mathematics: Our mission with VCTM is building a math educators community, by facilitating conversation and sharing resources around Best Practices to engage student learning throughout the state of Vermont while strengthening connections with state and national organizations.

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