Belt Graduation Ceremony

Special Black Belt Demos & Awards

Saturday, Mar 30 @ 10 am

Simplified for you. No potluck. No chairs. Less than 3 hrs.

Belt Graduation Ceremony

Saturday, March 30th 2013 at 10am

Millennium Martial Arts & Fitness, 6533 N Cosby Ave, KC MO 64151

Share your victories with family and friends. White through Brown Belts will be performing select skills learned from the last cycle (Basics, Forms, Breaking and more...)


Before entering, please turn phones on vibrate/mute. Remove shoes (line up outside) and welcome to the show. Video and photography is allowed during this event, but please do not walk behind the Official's Table or block their view of the students testing.

9:45 am Doors Open

10:00 am Opening Ceremony, Start Event

11:30 am Finish all Showcases, Start Black Belt Demos

12:00 pm Awards and Belt Ceremony

12:45 pm Finish, take photos, sign boards, etc.