Physical Therapist

Jessica Shepherd

What They Do

Physical therapist treat patients and create plans to help them relieve their pain, increase strength, and improve movement. They work with..

Education/Certification Requirements

Aspiring physical therapists first need a high school degree and then move on to a bachelors degree program in a related study. After getting a bachelors degree a doctoral or professional degree is required. Typically to get in to a doctoral program a minimum of 3.0 GPA is necessary. All PT's must be registered in their state and pass the National Physical Therapy Examination.

Daily activities


  • examining/diagnosing patients
  • testing muscle function
  • observing balance and coordination
  • designing a plan of care
  • teach exercises
  • use electrotherapy/hydrotherapy

Career Spotlight: Ellen Willis - Physical Therapist

Average Income

The average income is anywhere from $60-100 thousand dollars a year
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Typically a physical therapist is working with people for a majority of their day, so a person must be good and comfortable working with people if they want to be a PT. A person would also need to have the ability to collect and integrate data about patients to problem solve safely and effectively. Prioritizing and managing multiple tasks simultaneously is a necessity for this occupation.

Practice Setting

Physical therapists can be found working in a variety of environments

  • private offices
  • rehabilitation centers
  • community health centers
  • nursing homes
  • home health agencies
  • cooperate or industrial health centers
  • sports facilities
  • hospitals

Fun Facts

There are different types of physical therapy

You can be evaluated and treated without seeing a doctor first

Physical therapist can treat vertigo