ARIS games

An analysis and discussion for CTL1923


For my final paper for mobile and ubiquitous computing in education I have chosen to analyze and discuss the value of ARIS games, both a free and open sourced web platform to create and a free iOS game to experience an augmented world.
ARIS introduction

An Overview of the ARIS Web Platform and App

ARIS overview

Future Questions

What are some of the questions that remain when we look into future technology developments?
ARIS future questions


Overall I believe ARIS is a valuable educational tool to allow learners the opportunity to explore their physical environments in new and interactive ways. ARIS capitalizes on current mobile and ubiquitous technology, allowing students to be active and guide their own learning experiences. The free web creation platform allows students to create and communicate their understanding in creative ways, allowing for higher level thinking. Although many experiences to date have been focused on high school or older, I think there are a lot of possibilities as technology becomes easier to use and internet connection becomes more fluid. Creating augmented realities may just become the norm as we move forward with new innovations and technology.

We expect AR technology to mature enough that students in 2030 will be routinely building AR educational content, thereby tightly connecting the classroom experience of the world around them.
(Billinghurst & Dunser, 2013, p. 63)