Confucius Chinese philosopher

find out about this Chinese philosopher by P O'Melia

who was Confucius

Confucius was a philosopher that lived in china. He lived in the time before the warring states, he lived from 551 to 479 BC. He was the man who managed to make the teachings of confucianism. Confucius has some teachings that were written into the analects book by his students. He taught a code of proper conduct to people to teach them. He had the strongest influence of china society. Confucius is honored through out china for confucianism and many other things he did during the time he lived.

where did Confucius live

Confucius lived in Kong Qui he aided (helped out) the duke of Lu. The ruler of the Qi state Qi thought that he was with the duke of Lu Qi sent the duke 100 fine horses and 80 dancing ladies. he was filled with pleasure and did not attend duties for three straight days. Confucius was very angry and annoyed. soon after he neglected to send confucius a portion of sacrificial meat. That was due to custom so Confucius had to leave.

some pictures of Confucius and the analects

what did Confucius do

Confucius taught the people what he thought was right by teaching them his ways. His ways 1were husbands good to wives and wives obeyed.2 brother to brother. 3friend to friend.4 follow elders wishes if younger.5 subjects duty to obey and listen. he also made the saying to do others what you want done to yourself.

why did Confucius do this

Confucius did these things to get peace and respect. He also disliked the wares because he was living and the very big warring times of chins. He didn't want any wares so he tried to cause peace in China. He had his teachings which were put into books after his death. He never became a leader but he tried to advise some of the leaders but he never became advisor of one of the widely known leaders. he tried yo become an advisor so he could teach many people and the leader his teachings. This is why Confucius did this