Bright Lights of An Active School

Don't blink, you might miss something!

Any special, unique ideas from students?

Here it is:

Your Merton School PTO wants to hear from you. We need your ideas! What can make this school a better place to be and a better place to learn? The new basketball hoops and the buddy bench at the Primary School are two examples of our Merton School PTO supporting ideas that came directly from students and families. It's your turn! PTO will begin awarding student grants this year to help make some of those ideas happen. A grant application is available at .

Start brainstorming! You will need to be able to explain why your idea will make Merton a better place to learn.

MAP_Measuring Academic Progress Results

Our Skyward coordinator, Dawn Baumgartner, has loaded the results of the latest MAP assessment onto the Student Portfolio in Skyward. Please call her with any questions.

Conferences-Did you join us?

It was great to see so many parents at the Thursday night conferences! You have heard from me before about the importance of these conversations and how both parties, teachers and parents, can learn from each other. There are times available for Tuesday if you haven't yet signed up. Thaks for being a member of this team!

Come for the fun

Our Trivia Night is Friday, March 4th

Our annual Trivia Night is set for Friday, March 4th as Ironwood Golf Course. All funds raised are going toward the purchase of new playground equipment for the Intermediate School. Here is a link to sign up to attend. We hope that you can attend and appreciate your continued support of Merton Schools!

Red Riding Hood's Story isn't the only story

The Wolf had his say today at the Primary School cafeteria as the School House Players brought the play "Red and the Wolf" to our 5K-3rd graders. See the photo below for a glimpse into the production. Fun was had by all! Thanks PTO for sponsoring this event.
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A Principal who loves his school!

Below is a selfie of Mr. Posick with some of his students in a language arts class. Maybe some of you in the Primary School don't yet know who he is, so I though a little promotion of a true educator/leader is helpful. Here he is engaged as a teacher working in the writers' workshop.
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It's Been A "SOUP-ER" Week

Thanks to all of you who contirbuted to our soup can drive during the week leading up to the Super Bowl. Our school counselor, Ms. Kohnert, along with her Primary Pals, collected the cans each day from each classroom and then counted them. The scoreboard is shown below. We are grateful for your help!

The Corral is Filled! Let's celebrate!

By now I am hopeful that you know about your children earning Mustangs and filling the corral as part of our PBIS plan to recognize terrific behavior that helps our school be the best it can be. We will be celebrating with a Pajama Day in the near future. Watch for announcement! Way to go kids!

Mike Budisch, head learner

We had a good turnout of new parents of 4K students, as well as some parents of 5K children. Our staff did a wonderful job of informing the parents about our school and how this system would be a great fit for their children. If you know of anyone moving into our area, or considering a 4K or 5K program, please steer them our way. Thank you!