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May- June 2021

Wrapping Up the 2020-2021 School Year

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Director's Message: Stephanie Carter

Dear CATEC Students and Families,

We are rounding the corner to the end of this extraordinary school year! Even in the midst of numerous challenges, we have so many reasons to celebrate. This year, CATEC will honor 152 programs Compeleters, 10 students who signed with companies for full time employment, students have and are continuing to pass certifications, and so much more.

As I wrap-up my second year at CATEC, I am constantly reminded of what a special place this is and how positively it impacts our students, their current educational experiences, and their future. There is not a program offered that does not enhance our students’ lives for the better. Students may choose to leverage the skills and certification(s) they earned to pursue a living-wage job and enter adulthood with no student debt. They may simply choose to retain the knowledge they learned to enhance their daily lives. Whatever they choose, I believe students leave CATEC with knowledge in their heads and skills in their hands that they will use for years to come.

Finally, I would like to take a moment to thank our school community for all your support and kindness as we have navigated this school year. Our final celebration is the annual CATEC Completer Ceremony. The ceremony will happen on June 2nd at 7:00 PM. Please visit our YouTube channel, CATEC High School, to stream the event live.

Thank you,

Stephanie Carter


Completers' Ceremony

This year, CATEC hosted its Completers' Ceremony in a week-long event. Students were recognized for their achievements, received cords and medals for their exemplary work, and had professional photographs taken. The ceremony will air on CATEC's YouTube channel in its entirety on June 2nd at 7:00 PM. Tune in for student and keynote speeches as well as a year-in-review slideshow.

CATEC School-to-Work Signing Day Event

On Thursday, May 20th, CATEC hosted its third School-to-Work Signing Day. This event celebrated CATEC students who graduated with employment commitments to local businesses. Students currently participating in internships and apprenticeships were eligible to participate. CATEC Director Stephanie Carter said, “CATEC was excited to recognize our students’ outstanding performance and commitment to employment with local businesses from their industries.”

This year, Charlottesville-Albemarle Technical Education Foundation (CATEF) sponsored CATEC’s Signing Day event. CATEF assists CATEC in advancing career and technical education, training, and job placement as well as promotes programs that provide career and technical training in Central Virginia. Additionally, this year Red Wing Shoes and Diamondback Toolbelts were local sponsors that are providing high quality equipment to student participants. Red Wing shoes, located on Abbey Road, provides exceptional footwear and orthotics that keep safety, quality, and style in the forefront of their brand. CATEC students who participated in Signing Day received a $150 gift certificate towards work-ready footwear. Diamondback Toolbelts, located on Allied Street, is a locally-owned business with national respect. Crafted entirely in the United States, their technically-advanced toolbelts and pouches improve the lives of skilled tradespeople while working on their craft. Students received a 20% discount towards a toolbelt. Carter says, “In a school year that has been anything but predictable, CATEC prides itself on remaining true to its mission to provide quality career employment opportunities to our students. Together with our sponsors, we are helping these young people begin careers in our community.”

The following students and their employers participated in 2021's School-to-Work Signing Day event:

  • Allen Ragland, Dependable Heating and Air, Inc.

  • Schuyler Richardson, Green Hills Country Club

  • Corey Collier, Davis Electric

  • Tyler Morris, Malloy Ford

  • Dalton Hare, Robertson Electric

  • Wade Walton, Piedmont Power

  • William Gillbert, Southern Air, Inc.

  • Daniel Snoddy, Southern Air, Inc.

To learn more about the event, view the following stories:

School Counseling: Maggie Wilson

Ms. Wilson has created a Calming Room to help students (and families) find calm if they need a break during the day. If you have any questions, please email

Congratulations to Alexa Barnes (Culinary II) and Matthew Klendworth (Fire Science) for being recognized as our Students of the Month.

Career Development & Workplace Readiness: Amanda Jay

In Career Development this month, students from five programs participated in interview experiences during our Interview Week. Students from Electricity, Auto Body Repair, Auto Service Technology, Culinary Arts, and Vet Science were able to meet with professionals in their industries, practice their interview skills, and ask questions to experts. Some of our students were offered employment with local businesses. All of our community partners said CATEC students were professional and handled their interviews well.

Auto Body Repair: Ronald Moore

In May, Auto Body Repair students completed collision repair customer jobs, seeing results from before and after work. Students have taken their ASE certifications and completed their I-CAR collision repair series certification (14) classes. Students also participated in Interview Week. Auto Body Repair will be running an auto body hands-on shop camp from June 16-25 Monday-Friday 9-12. All tool kits need to be returned to school ASAP.

Automotive Service Technology: Matt Richardson

Auto Service Technology students completed their ASE certification tests. A new tire balancer and alignment lift were installed in May. Auto Service Technology I and II students participated in Interview Week, with three students being offered job shadow opportunities that can lead to employment.

Building Trades: Sid Trimmer

In May, students completed testing to earn the NCCER Core Certificate. They built eight picnic tables. Four of them will go to CATEC's Culinary Arts program in support of its Dominion Energy grant to use in its CATEC Culinary Commons area. Two picnic tables are going to Agnor Hurt Elementary School. And the last two are going to PVCC.

Cosmetology I and II: Karen Brown and Jackie Waller

Cosmetology II students worked on fine-tuning their skills in chemical waving, relaxer, color retouch, and foiling. They also practiced packing their bags for state boards. State board will take place on June 8th.

Culinary Arts I and II: Christina Rizzo & Josh Davis

Culinary Arts I students have learned breakfast and egg cookery as well as some Garde Manger experience that they will expand on next year. Culinary Arts II students finished their food truck wars competition project, finished up year 2 Garde Manger, and had their completer Ceremony. Students from both classes participated in Interview Week, having eight local employers interview all students. Some students were offered employment and will begin this summer. Additionally, Siller Pollinator Company installed bee hives on CATEC land. One hive will be available for adoption in June.

Electricity: Sid Trimmer

In May, Electricity students completed NCCER Core testing and will earn their certificate. This curriculum is required for all construction trades apprenticeships. So, these students will not have to take this part when they officially start their apprenticeships. Representatives from Greenlee Tools came and did a demo on how to use the new Greenlee electric conduit bender the program has. Students also have been bending conduit and installing it in the new wiring booths that will be used next year. Additionally, students participated in Interview Week, interviewing with three local employers.

Fire Science: Bobby Elliott

In May, Fire Science students completed Strategy and Tactics and Principles of Emergencies Services dual enrollment courses. Students completed Introduction to Discovery Scuba Course, Introduction to Technical Rescue and Swift-Water Awareness Course. They completed a Fire Service Mock Interview as well. Students also got a presentation from FF/EMT-P Adam Ladd on the careers in the Fire Service and an Air Force Recruiter spoke to them about the opportunities in the Air Force. Students also completed their CPR and Basic First Aid. As reminder all students should return their textbooks and training ropes to Captain Elliott. The program is recognizing Matthew Klendworth as student of the month and that he will be signing his enlistment papers for the Navy in June.

Nurse Assistant: Sarah Manglicmot

In May, Nurse Assistant students completed their 40 hours of clinical experience and all academic content. They also had their Completers' Ceremony where they celebrated those who finished the CATEC high school program. Those who have additionally completed the Virginia Board of Nursing curriculum are now practicing and studying for the state exams in June and will receive their official certificates next week. State certification exams will be held at CATEC on June 7th, 8th, and 9th.

Veterinary Science: Kim Smyth

Vet Science students worked on mastering some of the skills that veterinary assistants are responsible for around the hospital with regard to surgery. Students learned how to wrap surgical packs for sterilization, learned the names and purposes of surgical instruments, and learned how to get patients ready for surgery. Additionally, students learned how to calculate fluid rates for hospitalized patients. Most students also became certified for both basic life saving and advanced life saving CPR for small animals. Students also brushed up on their medical math during our pharmacology unit and learned how to address some common animal behavior problems. Finally, students learned how to apply three kinds of bandages to injured animals. Students also participated in Interview Week. The National Certified Veterinary Assistant exam is scheduled for 10am on June 8th in the Vet Science classroom. Students should bring their laptops.

English 11: Megan Panek & English 12/Government: Megan Panek & David Topper

In English 11, students wrapped up their Book Club unit by writing a rhetorical analysis of the symbols in the awesome books they read. This essay was the last assignment of the year and is due on June 4th. They had fun this year making connections between English skills and Cosmetology themes!

Adult Education and Apprenticeship Programs: Shannon Tomlin

Several adult programs and all apprenticeship programs were completed during the month of May. Adult Education and Apprenticeships will recognize these students during a recorded Zoom, which will be sent to students and their sponsors. It has several classes starting over the summer for anyone interested in Health & Medical Sciences. An EMT class begins June 21st and several CNA classes will start in July and August. Also, our fall schedule of classes have been posted online! Registration will begin July 1. All scholarship applications (also available on the website) is due July 1.

Visit or call us at 434-973-4461 for inquiries.