Who Wants to Be the Preseident?

Do you have what it takes?

Constitutional Requirments

  • Applicant must be 35 years of age
  • 14 year resident
  • Native-born citizen

Salary and Benifits

  • · $400,000 salary

    · 50 thousand dollar nontaxable expense account

    · 100 thousand dollar food, travel and entertainment budget

    · Live in the white house (bowling alley, movie theater, putting green, tennis courts)

    · Medical and dental care

    · Secret service protection for ten years

    · Incudes staff such as chefs, gardeners, etc.

    · Camp David presidential retreat home

The Ten Consitutional Powers Granted

  1. 1. Commander in Chief

    2. Commission all military officers of the united states

    3. Make treaties with advise and consent of the senate

    4. Receive ambassadors

    5. Appoint ambassadors, federal judges, supreme court justices

    6. Grant pardons and reprieves

    7. Deliver and annual state of the union address

    8. Call either or both houses of congress into special session

    9. Ensure all laws passed by congress are carried out

    10. Appoint heads of executive departments

    Which Power is the most important and why?

    To be able to make treaties with the advice and consent of the senate because without treaties and the cooperation of the senate and the president nothing would be able to get done in America.

Skills Necessary

1. Ability to handle change- if you aren't able to handle change it would be really difficult to deal with such a large nation.

2. conflict resolution- he will need to see both perspectives and choose which will help more people.

3. motivation- a person that can give a whole nation a perspective on something

4. trust- if the people can't trust the president, why would they vote for him?

5. personalities- be able to manage multiple personalities in both the democratic house and republican house.

Roles of the President

1. chief of state- head of the government, symbol of American people.

2. chief executive- executive powers vested by the constitution

3. chief administrator-in charge of over 2.7 million civilian jobs

4. chief diplomat- in charge of relations with other country's

5. commander in chief- in charge of all the military in the nation

6. chief legislator- shapes public policy of congressional agenda


Gun Controle

In the United States of America there has been a dramatic rise in gun violence over the past several years. Many people want there to be a ban on semi-automatic weapons as well as over bearing governmental action in the process of buying guns. For example, in order to buy a fire arm there are many restrictions as it is. Must be 18 years or older to buy a fire arm but if you are 18 years old there are only certain guns that you can buy. No semi-Automatic rifles, or large magazine pistols. Also there is a background check done before the person is allowed to legally buy the gun. Although these are good ways to prevent violence in America, it’s getting to a point where the governmental interference is becoming un-constitutional. Bad people are always going to find ways to exploit the system so why leave the good people unarmed and unable to defend themselves.

As the president of the United States, I would do my best to protect the people rights by working cohesively with both parties to figure out a way to get a handle on the violence occurring in America. I would not take away the right to bear any reasonable weapon. I would increase the crack down on illegal sales and distribution of firearms as well as create a nationwide task force dedicated to the education and prevention of gun violence in America.

Constitutional Powers, Presidential Roles, and Leadership Qualities used in figuring out the problem.

  • · Make treaties with consent from the senate
  • · Call either or both houses of congress into a special session
  • · Ensure that the law passed by congress is carried out
  • · Encourage dynamic conflict resolution
  • · Consensus building with cabinet members
  • · Vision
  • · Cross party lines and negotiate
  • · Diplomatic powers