Aerial picture b of the Oil Spill

By Muni and kate

Was your polygons an exact measure?

No,Because the sides were not exactly straight.

How accurate do you think your polygons compare to an actual spill?

The polygon and oil spill do not compare because the oil spill is not made up of a real geometric shape.I think my answer is less then the an actual spill area would spread out more.

How we approached the problem...

1. We have to divide the oil spill into polygons

2. We had to figure out what polygon it was

3. We had to find the correct formula

4. Then we had to measure the polygon and then do the math

5. Then we added the polygons together to find the total area

Our Work:

Big image
Big image
Big image

Total area


Extent of disaster

Yes we should be worried about oil spill. All oil spills would harm or kill animals. They also affect humanbeings