Jennetta Law Firm

By: Abby Jennetta

Our Goal & Purpose

Hello! If you're reading this flyer, you are likely looking for assistance in a Civil case! You have definitely come to the right place! We specialize in property disputes, breach of contracts, family matters such as divorce, personal injury, & negligence. Here at Jennetta Law Firm, we take pride in representing each & every one of our clients, assuring they have the opportunity to a fair trial in their favor.

Steps to Handling Your Case

To follow through with a proper civil lawsuit, there are many steps that must be taken.

  1. You must hire a lawyer. (Which is obviously why you came to us!)
  2. The plaintiff's lawyer (the person bringing the case to court); otherwise known as your lawyer must file a complaint, which states the reasoning behind why your stance on the case is sufficient.
  3. The court will then send the defendant, or person being accused, a summons that orders them to appear in court on a particular date.
  4. The defendant will then respond to these charges by answering the complaint, giving their stance in the situation.
  5. Prior to the case both the plaintiff & defendant will enter the discovery phase. During this time both sides will meet with the judge to clarify differences. The parties may decide to resolve dispute through mediation or arbitration, in which a third party helps the two opposing come to a mutual consensus.
  6. In court the case will be heard by a jury. The plaintiff's side will present first, then followed by the defendant. During the plaintiff's testimony, they must prove their case with a "preponderance of evidence", meaning that there is enough to persuade the judge & jury that the other party is responsible for damages.
  7. Following presentations, the jury will meet to decide a verdict of which side wins the case.
  8. If the plaintiff wins, a remedy is set to compensate for damages. If the defendant wins, the plaintiff has the option of appealing the case to a higher court to attempt a re-trial.

Let us help You!

We hope we can be of assistance to your case! Please feel free to call or stop by the office during the times below.

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