Third Grade News from Mrs. C

for Sept. 22nd-26th

Tidbits From the Teacher

Hello There and Good day to all!

"Talk Like a Pirate" day was a success not only in our classroom but across the school! It was fun to have a reason to dress up and act silly while still learning across the day!

I am in the process of updating grades over the weekend (Sept. 20-21st). Our new system is persnickety and I keep getting kicked off or things aren't saved. I'm also VERY GUILTY of giving back graded items to students so they see what is going on but then realizing I FORGOT to record the grade for parents and students to see online! I will improve. Promise.

This week at school will be Education, Go Get It! (EGGI) Week. That means more themes and dress up for all of us!!

Monday-Wednesday is wear your favorite college shirt.

Thursday is dress up for your dream job day.

Friday is wear your Sommer shirt or colors.

I promised pirate links for all. Since I don't have a website, here are the links:

Pirate Speak

Pirate Name Generator

Class Wish List

We have enough Lysol/Clorox wipes for desks (for now)!!!

Thank you!

Dates to Remember

Sept. 22-26th: EGGI Week (see my tidbits for more info)

September 24th: Early Release at 12:45

Sept. 25th- Oct. 28th: Parent Conferences (expect more info to come on the 24th)

Oct. 3rd: PBL Field Trip to Genesis Garden (more info to come)

Oct. 13th: Student Holiday

What We're Studying and Learning...

Reading: We are going to be looking at themes used by authors this week. We'll use our inferencing skills, theme cards, and the text to make group decisions about what message the author is trying to get us to understand. I am almost through with reading assessments for everyone. I'll work on the conference forms and email you a copy to peruse before our conference.

Writing: Students have been working on a personal narrative piece that has gone through many revisions after lessons on slowing down an important moment and adding details, hooking our readers with good beginning (leads) and now wrapping up the story (endings). We'll publish this piece for a grade using our personal narrative rubric.

Grammar/Spelling: We will be working on editing skills this week: capitalization, punctuation, legible handwriting, and common spelling mistakes. Formal spelling will NOT BEGIN until October. We are still putting routines into place and spelling needs its own time investment.

Math: Our first math assessment will be on Tuesday over place value and rounding concepts. Students have been studying and reviewing daily. If you use the sheet with the daily reviews on both sides as your guide to review or make similar problems, you will be just fine! Students are very concerned but I have been watching and working on concepts that have tripped up the group or individuals at school. Students asked for online practice. Here are some useful sites to try:

Round to the Nearest 10

Round to the Nearest 100

Hundreds Board Pattern Practice (worked in class but this one is fun!)

Social Studies: We are switching to social studies and the concept of good citizenship. We'll focus on traits that make a good citizen, read and focus on people who exhibit these traits now and from our history, and end with photos, poems and songs that exhibit the traits so we can practice our skills of inferring while looking for good citizens.

Homework: Homework will begin on Monday, Sept. 8th. At this time, the expectation in language arts will be that students read each night in books of their choosing. Once our routines are more established, I will be adding in another layer to the language arts section. Math will involve daily practice because it is imperative that every student be fluent with addition and subtraction facts in preparation for multiplication and division work later in the year. I will possibly add in websites for additional exploration but the main focus will be on those math facts. For students who have accomplished addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division- enrichment will follow.