Chinese Three-Striped Box Turtle

Critically Endangered Species

Location & Dates

The Chinese Three-Striped Box Turtle, also known as Cuora trifasciata, is found in Southeast Asia; Southern China, northern Vietnam, and Laos. It often habitats in evergreen forest streams or stream banks. It was listed on the Endangered Red List in 1996 and hit as Critically Endangered in the year 2000.

Population & Cause for Endangerment

The population of the turtles remains endangered and small due to few, but harmful, human activities in the Asian countries. Overexploitation for Southern Asian food markets, over collection for pet trade, and the recent claim that medicinal cancer curing properties are found in its shell that caused an increase in its commercial value. These activities have brought the turtles to the brink of extinction.

Chinese Three-Striped Box Turtle!


The Three-Striped Turtles eat insects, crustaceans, earthworms, and fishes. They are both aquatic and terrestrial. They are said to be aggressive and violent during mating. During May, nesting occurs with two to six white elongated eggs, which incubate for about 80-85 days.

Ecological Effects of Their Possible Extinction

Even though they are scarce in the wild now, they do help to keep the worm, insect, and even fish population down, as well as others. Their predators, crocodiles and birds of prey, will have to look elsewhere for their easy prey in the streams. Though they are not popularly found in the wild anymore, many of its predators have had to search for a new prey and its preys had increased.

Ways to Help!

Captive breeding programs are already underway around the world as well as nature reserves. Publicity campaigns would definitely help this species, but in the meantime, the captive breeding programs and nature reserves are one of the only solutions. LET'S SAVE THESE TURTLES!


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