Statement of Ethics

Allie Bowe

Problems that might be faced in the school store.

1. What if someone tries to steal? You make sure that's what they're doing and notify Sayre or Johnson.

2.What if you don't give someone back the right change? See if you can chase them down and give fix it.

3. Employee theft? Make sure they don't take any free food.

4. How do you tell the customer the truth? Make sure you tell them the right price of item.

5. How do you keep the store clean? Wipe everything off and sweep everyday.

6. How to make cookies? Put cookies on tray and the limit is 12.

7. What if a customer comes back and complains? See if you can fix the problem without a cost.

8.How long do cookies go in? All cookies go in for only 15 minutes.

9. How to stock products? Make sure the tubs are full when putting them in the showcase.

10. What if someone doesn't have enough money for their items? Tell them nicely to come back when they have enough.