Stop Cyberbullying

Don't be mean behind the screen

what is cyberbullying

Cyberbullying is when people are online calling one person names and being mean to them behind a computer.

Examples of cyberbullying

sending mean text to someone.

posting mean stuff on the internet that's not true about someone.

putting embarrassing pictures and videos of someone to everyone in the school.

Three difference between cyberbullying & bullying

Cyberbullying is done online and carried to school, bullying is done in school and could be carried online also.

Effects of cyberbullying

they could start doing drugs, drinking alcohol, skip school,and have low-self esteem

Prevention & Awarenes

They could talk to their kids more about their life and ask how school is going for them. They could spend more time with their kids. Pay more attention to what they say and do with friends.

Establishment rules

i think they don't pay enough attention to who is getting bullied at school. they should be no bullying going on online or at schools. its just shouldn't be aloud

Reporting a cyberbully

what they do is they would go to a reporter and tell them whats going on. A lot of kids and their parents would want to report cyberbulling if they see it.

Report to your online service provider

when you get online and you see that someone has hacked your page you should go ahead and shut it down or change you password so it want happen again.

Report to your local law enforcement

when you are having a issues they will be there to try to understand whats going on and they will try to help the best they can

Report to your school

if there is something going on at school you should let someone you trust at school know whats going on and let them take care of it and if that don't work then get the parents to come talk to them and get everything fix.