Eternal Rest Funeral Home

For the love and memories

We understand

During these times, it may be difficult to know exactly what to do or where to go. Planning a funeral on top of all of that may just be a bit much. We are here to help, and we offer a variety of services to help you and fellow loved ones through this.

Burial? cremation?

We offer a variety of options, including new and unique creations, such as pottery, plantation, jewelry, etc. We want the love, memories, closeness, and peace to be eternal. For more information on unique options, feel free to read up on it here:

Burial and Ceremonies

Our burial ceremony options include open and closed-casket. The ceremony is held on a gorgeous hilltop, sunrise or sunset. We have a multi-lingual staff willing to present favored verses from religious scripts of your choice. We favor any and every religion. Future burial plot plans are also available.


Facing funeral plans as an individual may have one constantly thinking to themselves if they are contributing enough to the funeral plans. An entire family may have trouble deciding who will give the eulogy and who will be assigned to certain areas. Cultural factors would include situations where the funeral is multi-cultural and the burial ceremony script needs to be read in a certain language. Perhaps it is the pricing of funerals that also turns people away from the idea of a ceremony. We like to offer financial advice and assistance, as money should not be the biggest concern at this moment.

We care

We understand how difficult these times are, and we want to help you through this. Psychological assistance is available for those who may need someone to share their personal experiences through these moments with. Here is a link to some useful tips for returning to your daily life after a funeral:

Let's make the plan

Stop on by and let us help you get started in creating the perfect transition into peace, the way they would want it.