lunar eclipse

what is a lunar eclipse?

A lunar eclipse occurs when the moon passes directly behind the earth into its umbra or shadow. This can occur only when the Sun, Earth, and Moon are aligned. lunar eclipse can only occur when their is a full moon.

what are different types of eclipses?

one type of lunar eclipse is a partial lunar eclipse were a portion of the moon passes earths shadow depending on the size of the eclipse a dark red or a grey rust color will appear. Another is a An annular eclipse occurs when the Sun and Moon are exactly in line, but the apparent size of the Moon is smaller than that of the Sun. Hence the Sun appears as a very bright ring, or annulus, surrounding the outline of the Moon. one of the most commen is a total lunar eclipse were the whole full moon travels across earths shadow and will appear to be bright orange color.

what is a blood moon?

A blood moon is when the moon passes the earth's shadow then revealing bright orange red because of the suns impact on the moon. this only occurs when their is a full moon at night.

how often does a eclipse happen?

A lunar eclipse occurs every time the moon is alined with the sun when it passes earths shadows cast.