Is this really how we live?

nothing's changing, only the minds of others.

The world is coming too an end; This is how we live. The people are brainwashed of what's around them. We have people turning them into a psycho path and hurting other citizens for no reason because their minds are blown out of their head about now. Then we have kids all over here using cellphones, spending their time on devices. Next we have people watching so much tv, new, or movies and be hallucinating with the cartoons or customs they see on tv. We had that one crime where a guy from New York went into a movie theater, thinking he was "Batman or The Joker?" And playing around in this fantasy mind they made. We need to stop this! We need to open our eyes and look out for our people, we have becoming selfish, and harsh towards the people around us. This whole technology devices stuff is really too much. We see things online that are so depressing and upsetting views you can see on the internet. Like things going on in Africa where they don't have food or any clean water, they need help and needed supplies to make them survive their lifestyle. And people can see it pretty much anywhere! Through their friends, social media, the news, and the globe. But sadly we have those kind of people who is so shading and rude and only care about them self. Its really sad just by thinking about it..People In the untied state of America are just too selfish, some don't want to give money or a helping hand towards the people who don't really have much to live for..i think we should have a better heart than what we have right now.
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The Truth About Television (YOU ARE BEING BRAINWASHED!)
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