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I'm writing this using Smore. It's an online flyer/newsletter/information creator. You do need an email to sign up for the free account, but a class/educator subscription is around $40 a year. Something to think about if it's used a lot. At any rate, you design your flyer or newsletter and publish. Drop and drag are heavily featured...I love that!


Anyone interesting in Coding? (of which I am a huge fan) has new resources available for students. There is a one hour of code challenge that would be great to encourage students to try. Thoughts bubbling around in my head include maybe creating a flyer for it to send home or opening the library for kids to do an little bit before school or during lunches or flex period. Then maybe having them bring their certificate (that shows they completed their hour) in for a photo op and creating a bulletin board. Just thinking and brainstorming. Do you have any ideas?