Ms. Donnelly's Newsletter

September Guidance


Two years ago, parents, students, and staff took the TELL Survey to let us know what we do well at Kenwood and what we still need to work on. One of the biggest concerns that parents and students both had was bullying (both in person and cyberbullying). Therefore, this school year we will be focusing on bullying in each guidance lesson as well as the topic for the month.

This month, we reviewed what bullying truly is. Bullying is being mean to another student OVER and OVER again. Bullying is not an isolated event and does not happen just one time. There are great resources that you can use with your child at Please ask your student what they learned about bullying!

Topic of the Month: Making Healthy Choices/Drug Awareness

In Kindergarten and first grade, our topic of the month was making healthy choices. We read "There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Fly" and determined that the things that the old lady ate were not healthy choices. Each student drew picture of healthy choices we can make when we eat.

In second and third grades, we discusses rules that we have to keep our things safe and rules that adults have for us that help to keep us safe. One of these rules is to never use drugs, cigarettes, or alcohol. Students drew pictures to help other students know what healthy choices we can make without using drugs.

In fourth and fifth grades, the students watched a video series from In this video series, they watched five famous celebrities talk about their choice not to take drugs and what they saw happen to other people who chose the other road. This video series focused on finding a passion to occupy your time and stay away from drugs. Ask your fourth or fifth grader to tell you about a natural high. Challenge them to tell you what their natural high is!