Tobacco use, and its effects

By : Hannah Erdmann

Why is it so bad for you?

I know you have all heard your teachers, or others saying that smoking is bad. Well, have you ever wondered why smoking is bad for you? Smoking can harm or hurt every organ that is in your body, and causes many diseases. One of the diseases you have probably heard of is Cancer. Did you know that smoking can cause more than one kind of cancer? It can cause mouth, throat, lung, bladder, stomach, and kidney cancer. That is a lot of different kinds of cancers that you have a bigger chance at getting if you smoke!

Smoking also affects your heart. It can start to clog up your arteries in your heart, and can lead to heart attack and stroke. This is because of the tar that is in the cigarette, which sticks to your arteries. It can also cause Heart Disease. Your heart is one of the most important organs in your body, and keeps your body going, do you want to hurt that?

What reasons you should not do it

Do you like to play sports? Or do you like to run around the backyard with your little siblings? Well, if you start to smoke, it will be much harder for you to do any of that. When you smoke you affect your lungs, which affects your ability to breath easily. This will make you more winded, and not able to do as many fun things, like run around and play sports.

Do you like food? Of course you do! Well, when you smoke, it can affect your senses, mostly your sense of smell and taste. This will make some of the foods that you use to love, not taste so good. This will also make you start to lose your sense of smell. You will never be able to smell the grass, or the salt on the beach ever again!

Smoking also affects how you look. Smoking can make you look years older, and stain your teeth and fingers a yellowish color.

Why you should never even have one

When you are older and at a party, there is a pretty good chance that at some point someone is going to offer you a cigarette. You might think that, Oh, I will only have one, but that is not the case. Tobacco has the drug Nicotine, which is a very highly addictive drug. Addictive means that your body will start to crave it, or need it. It could only take one cigarette to become addicted to the Nicotine.

Do you know anyone who drinks coffee? Well, that coffee is the same sort of drug as Nicotine. They are both addictive drugs. Just like when someone tries to stop drinking coffee, they have to ween themselves into having less and less. Someone who is trying to stop smoking usually will have to ween themselves off of it. Others are able to just quit, but most have to go to the doctor for help stopping their addiction. A lot of people who try to stop smoking do not succeed.


These are the reasons that you really shouldn't smoke. There are many long term and short term affects of smoking, like the ones I talked about in the beginning. I really hope you chose the right choice, and chose to not start to smoke, and vow to never do it.