The God Of Shepard's, Panic, And Rustic Music

Who was Pan?

Pan is the god of Shepard's, Panic, Hunt, Rustic Music, and a lot of other things. He is the son of Hermes and Penelope (Although it unclear who his parents are). Pan would often chase nymph. This created tons of new things such as Echos and Pan pipes

Creation of the Pan Flute

Ever wondered where the pan flute came from? Well based on Greek mythology, Pan the god of Shepard's, hunts, and rustic music created it when he was chasing a nymph named Syrinx. As the story goes, the nymph turned/is turned into a reed (Similar to tall grass). Although Pan didn't know which reed she was so he took multiple reeds and tied them together. Therefore creating the pan flute.

The God Of Panic

Pan created Panic when he would scare travelers who would travel in a forest. He would rustle the bushes when a traveler would come by scaring them.

Fun Facts

- Although most people think that Pan is the son of Hermes and Penelope no one is quite sure.

- Rather than being worshiped in huge temples, Pan was often worshiped in caves or other more natural areas.

- Panic literally means "of pan".

Visual Representations