Mountain Formation

The 3 Processes


Folding is a process of mountain formation that happens when plates converge and fold over. They fold creating mountains and compressing into each other. Basically the sediments are compacted into each other so tight that they fold over each other.
Big image
Visual representation of folding


Block mountain formation consist of transform boundaries. These boundaries slide back and forth at an almost vertical angle and this creates dips and bulges. The dips are called grabens and the bulges are called horsts.
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Diagram showing how the block formation of mountain works, labeling the parts of the mountain.


Volcanic mountains form when magma erupts from a volcano as lava. This molten rock runs down the side along with ash. When this extremely hot lava cools it creates a rock layer on top of the volcano which adds to the land creating mountains.
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Visual process of what happens to a volcanic mountian
Christian Hamel