Liam Richardson

Philosophy of education

Liam Richardson

Philosophy of Education

Education to me is the transfer of information from a great mind to their students to prepare them for the world and challenges ahead. Some information is more valuable than others and you must pay for higher education. The more knowledge you obtain the more the world opens up to you.

I've decided after High School I am joining Americorp because i'm not sure what career I want to pursue. This will give me time to think, learn new schools, and give back which can provide some clarity on what I want. I know I want to get to college and Americorp provides financial aid to its members educations. When I return i will enroll in the JC and apply to colleges. Education to me means bettering myself. I think a lot of kids who go to college before they figure out what they end up partying themselves out or just aren't responsible enough and all that money is wasted. I don't want to jump the gun. I'm going to figure out a plan step by step to get me where I want to go in life.

Education is one of the most vital things in our society. Those with little education are less likely to be financially successful. But there are other trades that don't require the amount of studying college demands. Learning a trade is great way to make good money. College demands four years of expensive learning, while some trade schools is little as a year. College is not the only answer to finding a good career. I dont want to wait around after high school, work and education go hand and hand I wont waste any time when it comes to this goal. It doesn't matter how long it takes to get where I want to be in life all that matters is getting there and the key is getting a good education and earning my degree so I can pursue my goal.

I have come along way since starting at Carpe Diem. My grades and attitude have changed drastically. What I want is to continue to better myself mentally, physically, and socially. I enjoy doing work now, that feeling of achieving something I set out to do. Right now what I want is to go to college and I'm hoping after Americorp i'll have an idea of what career I want to pursue. I am ambitious, resistant, and can adapt to most situations so i'm hoping I can adjust to the work load but I know i'm capable. The more I educate and improve myself the easier it will be to buckle down when the going gets tough.


Liam Richardson

English Portfolio

I've had a great experience in this class the past two years. I enjoy the level of comfort when I walk in the room. I feel like nothing is off topic and we can freely discuss things. I really appreciate a classroom that is open to discussions. I found some of it confusing like creating my future society. It was hard to imagine something that hasn't been done yet in movies or books about future societies. I like to think i'm creative but I struggled with that assignment. Something you should continue is the way you explain assignments is clear and in detail so i'm always aware of directions, which helps a lot because I struggle to stay focused for long periods of time. Something I could do different is buckle down and read more during SSR. It is tough for me to sit silently but I could be much more diligent when it comes to silent reading.

Who is Philip K. Dick was a assignment I really enjoyed. I didn't know all these famous books and films were all written by him. He set the tone for science fiction writing and is known as the Shakespeare of science fiction. He was an extremely fascinating person. The point of the assignment was to record ten interesting facts about Philip K. Dick. I followed directions and I worked really hard to find the most bizarre facts which wasn't hard because he was a bizarre man. I chose this assignment because I felt it was related to me because one my favorite movies is Total Recall and I had no clue it was created by Philip K. Dick.

I really enjoyed the Leopard Man unit, it was interesting to hear about people who reject society to escape the pressures it comes with. I worked hard to learn about people who cannot function in society and transformed their bodies with things like tattoos to tell the people i'm not like you. Some of it was hard to grasp but I feel I can understand why some people just don't see the need for social norms. All it really does for them is pain and anxiety it's almost freeing to be able to walk away from the world. That would take a very brave or very crazy kinda person to do that. I followed directions and re-read the text till I could annotate it and recognize the bias in each article then explain how the authors felt about people like Leopard Man. I chose this assignment because I thought it was really cool someone could turn their back on everything to live themselves in the wilderness.

Who is Phillip K. Dick: https://classroom.google.com/c/MzkwNTE2NDEyN1pa/a/NDgxNTA2NTIzOVpa/details


Liam Richardson

History Reflection

This class has proved to be one of the most interesting and difficult i've taken in my high school experience. I really enjoy that we keep up with current events as well as learning about history. My favorite unit has the LBJ, JFK. It is my favorite point in American history. I found the Teddy Roosevelt documentary assignment very difficult. I do not work well on the ipads I would rather use chromebook or paper. Something you should continue is the morning briefing on news because an interesting topic at the start of class can make the transition to doing work easier. It's like a brain warm up. Also I like the how we review all assignments and text carefully it is helpful to me if you break down information in a way I understand. Something I can do differently is giving more effort on ipad assignment and learning how to work the technology.

America in 1960 was one of my favorite assignments but it was hard to wrap my head around a few slides. The directions of the assignment were too look at six slides of political cartoons, name them then explain why you can chose that title. I worked very hard to fully comprehend the image and give it a title that fits. Some of imagery was complicated but I tried my best to understand it. I chose this assignment because I am very interested in that time frame. It was one of the most intense points in American history and its important information to have.

The Reflecting on MLK Speech was challenging to understand but important. I've seen that speech several times but never fully comprehended what he was saying. The directions were too look at the speech broken down into sentences then explain what you think he was saying and to whom. I thought some of the language and words were tough to understand but after annoying I can grasp the message. I worked really hard to annotate the sentences the best I could. I chose this assignment because i've seen the footage but now I got to break it down till I understood everything we saying, why he was saying it, and who he was saying it too. This is a crucial point in history to know.

America in 1960: https://classroom.google.com/c/MTkzMTI3MzkyM1pa/a/NDcwNjUwNTk2M1pa/details

Reflecting MLK Speech: https://classroom.google.com/c/MTkzMTI3MzkyM1pa/a/NDE4MjQ4MzYzOFpa/details


Liam Richardson

Math Portfolio Reflection

The warm up is a good way to start because it gives me an idea of what we are learning in class that day. I like how the work is mainly on paper. It makes it easier to understand on paper then a screen. Also I can write out all my work and that helps me a lot. I don't like chromebook assignments. It makes problems more difficult when I have to do them off a screen. But I do enjoy Kahoot. I like the tone of the room everyone works diligently probably because our class is so small but the peace is nice because I struggle with math. I like that we go over problems often on the board without that i'd be lost. I need to see it be done in order to understand. I don't like when we get two packets in one day. Some days the workload feels too heavy to finish in one day. Math class would be more engaging if we went over the assignment at the end of the day.

I enjoyed the diamond table assignments. I found it easy and fun because I spent a lot of time doing them in my math class at Petaluma High and they were always my favorite problems. When it was reintroduced I was relieved we were going to have a unit I knew to do so I didn't find it challenging. The factoring part of the assignment was fun but a little more challenging than the diamond problems. We should do more factoring assignments it's the one kind of problem I enjoy doing.

Intro to geometry was very difficult for me i'm terrible at it. When it comes to angles and degrees I get easily confused but once I grasp a concept I can get through the assignment easily. This was my most challenging assignment but I feel I need to continue and work harder so I can understand it because it is a very useful skill. Even if you work in construction you need to be able to find angles. In the future we should do continue working on geometry. We should also reflections and rotations because I thought that unit was fun.


Liam Richardson

Science Reflection Portfolio

I really enjoyed this semester in science. Especially the river restoration project. That was my highlight of this semester, getting to go down to the water and work with my hands. We should do more activities outside the classroom it gets somber in here after working too long. I found any assignment on the ipad very challenging because they suck, they're slow, and you can do the same things on chromebook. Something you can do different is maybe assign two ipad projects a semester so it won't hurt my grade if I can't figure out how to use the ipad. Everything else is great, your helpful, respectful, and make learning interesting for me so I always feel involved. Your very positive and I really appreciate that in an environment where things can get frustrating. I can try harder to learn how to use the ipad and complete projects on them. I try to be a diligent worker and will continue to try my best in my class.

The River Restoration Project was my favorite project. I love being in nature especially the water so it was really nice to be able to work out there with my hands. I have been back there a few times to see how the plants were doing. It was somewhat challenging to plant the roses because you had to be careful to not get poked and get it to stand straight up when I put it in the whole. I worked pretty hard to get a few roses planted. We had to start by digging a 3 foot hole, placing the plant in the hole, surround it with mulch, then set up a protective layer around the plant using cardboard and bark. I followed each direction step by step. I chose this assignment because I feel nature is a very important part of education.

The Science Notebook Entries are the highlight of science class. I like following along with notes because I can learn at a solid pace and if I don't know something on a test I can just refer to my notes. The warm ups help adjust to class and give me an idea of what we're learning that day. I find it challenging to follow along and take notes during videos. I do my best on every entry to make it organized and easy to read, and not leaving any information out. I follow directions step by step. I chose this assignment because I enjoy note taking and It helps me remember things when i'm working on other assignments.


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My music class has been essential to making my music. I had no education of the evolution of hip hop like Afrika Bambatta, Grandmaster Flash, and the art of the quick mix. It added depth and meaning, a better understanding of where this music came from and what I can do with it. My writing ability has become broad I can write any kind of song because I have that bed rock to build off of. In order to properly be an MC you have to know who the creators are because through their music they pass down the key to unlocking how to make great music.