All about Me

Jake Atzen

How I am gifted

I feel that I am weird and unique, and that's why I'm here, but I feel I have unknown talent. I am not a fast reader but I excel mainly in math. So, I am still looking for the reason, or my calling, on why I'm here.


I feel I am good at many things. I make friends easily, I can make others laugh easily, and I am very good with technology. I like to be funny because I always feel better to see other's happiness and smiles. I like to use computers better than paper, but a nice story on paper is never bad. I am good at math and science. On the paper, I did not agree with "too innovative", because if you think about it, everything today is made from innovation. I feel there is never enough.
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This is my Logo!!

I chose this logo because I feel it is slim and innovative in a way. The curl represents always moving forward.

My Quote:

"If you can dream it you can do it"

-Walt Disney

I chose this because all things come from dreams.

Room for improvement

I need to make my reading rate faster, as though I am particularly slow. I also need to work on getting a steady "A" in each class. I always try to work on not talking so much and also work on taking criticism more, instead of getting mad because of it.

My Personality

ENFJ personalities are born leaders and have a lot of charisma and passion. We also believe heavily in the people. In relationships, my personality takes again, a lot of time and effort into making good and long lasting relationships. Finally, ENFJ personalities really need to see the hard work, gratitude and appreciation in people they've helped to feel the fullest happiness


I am a natural leader. I am very reliable to keep and maintain things. I also have a never-ending want for everything to be good. For example, If people are fighting I feel like I should step in and help or even just wanting to get good grades. I feel I know how to capture people's attention and lighten the day. I am also able to imitate or shift my voice tone for laughter or situation.


I am very selfless, and can get drowned in my hopeful promises. I do not take criticism well and am always a little too sensitive. Also, when I am caught between a rock and a hard place, I am not that good for make fast hard decisions. I sometimes get caught up in the result instead of just making the decision.