Denmark joined the European Union on January 1,1973. Denmark was not the founder of the European union. Denmark was not a part of any other country at any point. Denmark is located north of Germany. On the west of Denmark is the north sea. on the east of Denmark is the Baltic sea. The red and white cross that extends to the edges is referred to its"Dannenborg' . the capital of Denmark is Copenhagen. The government of Denmark is a constitutional monarchy.

4 major cites in Denmark are:

Aarhus , Central Jutland

Odense , South Denmark

Aalborg , North Denmark

Frederiksberg , Capital Region

people visit Denmark because of the zoos, museums, beaches, etc.

Some geography of Denmark is its a peninsula, in northern Europe, bordering the north and Baltic sea. Denmark was the first European country to abolish slavery.The "Dannenborg" is the oldest national flag in the world.
The average tax rate in Denmark is 49%.

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