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March 2019 Newsletter

Spring is Just Around the Corner?

I am sure spring is also on your minds. Here at Creekside, we are happily awaiting the start of spring. Spring will bring our new outdoor classroom and we will open up the track season. Students are also excited about spring. Be sure to follow our website, newsletters and Facebook to stay up to date on all of the end of the year activities such as promotion, 8th grade dance, field trips, and other spring activities.

A Quest For Respect

On Tuesday, March 12, Creekside staff will host a RESPECT Day. We are excited to have students participate in team building activities, social circles, and reflection on ways we can increase respectful behavior in our school and community. We will also focus on topics such as social media and the lasting effect that can have.

Creekside PTO Culver's Night

Tuesday, March 5th, 10am-10pm

1620 West Lake Shore Drive

Woodstock, IL

Looking for easy lunch or dinner plans for Tuesday? Stop by Culver’s and say you are with Creekside.
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6th Grade News

SOCIAL STUDIES: Mr. Wintersteen’s social studies classes are working on the research portion of their “end of unit” assessment options. The essential question here is, “What ancient civilization would you rather be part of…...Egypt or Mesopotamia?” Assessment options were chosen by the students according to what best fits their personal learning styles. Writing tasks, speaking tasks, as well as technology driven tasks could all be created collaboratively, or on an individual basis. Providing a variety of diverse educational vehicles only heightens the learning engagement of the classes. So far, we are off to a great start.

7th Grade News

The 7th grade has begun! It's study of the creation and development of our government. We will be studying the Declaration of Independence, our founding document, as well as The Articles of Confederation, our first constitution, and the Constitution of the United States. We are hoping to test before spring break.
In Mrs. Stone’s literacy classes, students are exploring the mysteries of the ocean while learning about elements of nonfiction text. They were asked to create children’s books to teach about text features and how they can help readers. Here’s a sample of some of the creative results:

In Mrs. Gonzalez’s dual literacy class, we have almost finished the novel we are reading in class. In this video the students had to find the answer to the question shown in the screen (reading skills); they have to get into an agreement about the correct (speaking skills) and write it down ( writing skills).

8th Grade

The 8th grade students have begun studying World War II with a special focus on the Holocaust. The special emphasis during this unit will be on the Holocaust and its impact on US and World History. The culminating activity of this unit will be a trip to the Illinois Holocaust Memorial Museum in Skokie, IL. The students will be immersed in the reasons leading up, surrounding and the conclusion of the Holocaust during WWII. The field trip will take place on Monday, March 18th for the following first period classes (Wheeler, Gancedo, Malo, Kline, Coughlan, Werhane) and Tuesday, March 19th for the following first period classes (Gertz, Gay, Pereira, Schleutermann, Niemic, Coleman, Hong, Czyz, Brown, Ortiz). Students need to bring a brown bag lunch with their name on it (everything in lunch needs to be disposable), earbuds for tour, and a light sweater or sweatshirt. Electronic devices are not needed for this trip and need to be left back at school.

In Mr. Schleutermann's class the students have been in constant discussion on the traits that an effective leader would possess. Students in his class participated in a WWII leader body chart activity where they needed used the six parts of the body (Head, Arms, Legs and Torso) to place each of the main leaders (Adolf Hitler (Germany), Benito Mussolini (Italy), General Heideki Tojo (Japan), President Franklin D. Roosevelt (USA), Joseph Stalin (Soviet Union) and Winston Churchill (Great Britain). The symbol and explanation in the chart as to why they placed the particular leader in the part of the body.

From Mr. Ortiz- El mes pasado, los estudiantes de 8º grado de lenguaje dual han estado aprendiendo sobre el imperialismo y reflexionando sobre el contenido anterior que han aprendido durante nuestra unidad del Manifest Destiny. Nuestros estudiantes ahora pueden analizar los principios claves que llevaron a adelantar a otros territorios y la influencia que tuvo en sus economías. Actualmente estamos cambiando a nuestra unidad de la Primera Guerra Mundial y estamos viendo cómo afectará a la próxima unidad "la Segunda Guerra Mundial", ya que nuestros estudiantes están entusiasmados de visitar y aprender sobre el museo del Holocausto.

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Spring Art Show

The District 200 Spring Art Show is coming! As spring approaches student art work is being chosen for the show. Those students are informed and their names are added to a list of participants that is posted by the art room. The show is held at the Woodstock Public Library and begins with a 6-7pm reception on April 15. The last full day of the show is May 5.
This is how we roll….out the clay to build a sculpture in 8th grade art class!

Orchestra News

Orchestra and Band students are coming together to raise money for St Jude’s Children’s Hospital and ALS research by participating in a Practice-a-Thon! Between February 7th and March 7th, students ask sponsors to donate 50 cents to a dollar for every day they practice.

Our next Orchestra concert will be on Thursday, March 7th, at 7pm in the CMS Cafeteria. Students should wear a white top and black bottom, and should plan to arrive at 6:30 to get tuned and warmed up. We will be playing a number of exciting pieces for each grade level, as well as the Creekside Chamber Orchestra Club.

Health Minute

Creating positive views of self as a young person is important for healthy adolescent development. To help encourage this you can begin by discussing values and skills with your learners and explore what you and they view as their own personal strengths and positive attributes. Listing these on paper can really help create a positive visual for students. This can continue to help them develop a strong sense of value and self confidence.

Creating a positive view of our future is another important step toward developing healthy habits. One idea we can start to promote with our students at this age is exploring potential career paths. You can use the list of positive attributes and strengths to start the career exploration process. Whodouwant2b has a few tools you can explore with your student and work toward creating that positive view of their future in the context of a career.

Key Dates


5-Choral Concert

5-PTO Culver's Night

6-Late Start

7-Orchestra Concert

8-9- IESA Wresting State @ NIU

12-Board of Education Meeting

12-12:15 Dismissal

15-Cross Town Dance @ NWMS

20-Late Start

25-29 Spring Break

Creekside Middle School

Michael Wheatley, Principal

Francesca Favero, Asst. Principal

Eric Schleutermann, Student Facilitator