Noah Sandoval

The caribbean, bahamas nass

airfare cost and schedule

$1034 I bought a flight for my friend, and I to the bahamas at 5:00 pm and made shure that there were beverage's and food on that flight and for both of us to eat it will be $50 and to get on the flight it will cost $517 for each of us.

total: $1134


It will be $369 per night for two room in the British Colonial Hilton with tents and lawn chairs by two rectangular pool, and a work out room, also with a welcome buffet in your room when you walk in with 4 plasma TV's.


The activity's I found in the bahamas were an adventure water park, a grand bahamas nature tour $79 per person , and the see world explore. The places let's you see the other side of the bahamas and are great activity's

Problems to anticipate and solutions suggested

Taxi drivers over paying be carful it has happened before a man over charging a ladie a solution is having to do the amount of the credit card your self or if u feel that they are over charging u call the manager or a nother taxi and ask them how much they would charge you for how many miles you want. another problem is swimming if I were you I would listen to those berries because that means there has been danger before or they have seen danger like sharks a solution to the problem is to listen to those barriers.


in conclusion I think the Bahamas is a great place to visit and not too pricey to find a nice place or flights has lots of activity's and does have its cons but there are ways to avowed them there are great restraints to eat at and there are places just to chill and relax what you want to do on a vacation and it has its fun side so in my opinion the bahamas is a wonderful place to stay