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September 27, 2023

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Hispanic Heritage Today

Spotlight: Sylvia Rivera (Venezuela) - LGBTQ rights pioneer.

Calendar Reminder

Columbus Day: Monday, October 9 - School is Closed

Teacher Work Day: Tuesday, October 10 - No school for students

Professional Development Day, October 11 - No school for students

PSAT Day, October 13 - 9th, 10th, and 11th-grade students report for the PSAT and are released at the end of the exam. Seniors will have a remote day.

Homecoming Dance

Members of the Homecoming Court, please check your FCS email for important information regarding Friday night.

Homecoming Dance on Saturday:

  • Students must be dropped off at the bottom of the stadium hill or park in the student lot to walk to the stadium. For safety, we are closing the stadium drive.
  • Tickets are available on GoFan only. Students must have the actual GoFan ticket (not a screenshot of a ticket) to gain entry.
  • We have a strict clear bag-only policy.
  • Students will not be allowed to bring in outside food or water.
  • We will have a shoe and clear bag station, but we are not responsible for student’s belongings. We highly recommend that students wear comfortable shoes (no heels on turf) and bring only car keys and cell phones into the stadium.
  • There is a strict no-re-entry policy. Once students leave the stadium, they cannot re-enter the event.

For more information regarding the Homecoming Dance.

Pep Rally Friday - We will have a Homecoming Pep Rally and an extended B2 on Friday. The adjusted bell schedule for Friday can be found at this link.

PSAT: All Students Need a School-Issued Device

PSAT is quickly approaching! On October 12, Cambridge will be giving the PSAT to 9th, 10th, and 11th graders. Students must have a school-issued device (fully charged) to take the test. If students show up without a school-issued device, they will not be allowed to take the PSAT. Students who do not have a device need to go today to the Media Center and check one out.

More information about the PSAT can be found on Cambridge's website. Use this link to access this information.

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Dual Enrollment - Spring Term

All returning dual enrollment students planning to take a college class during spring term must complete the DE Student Advisement Form. This form is due to the Cambridge Counseling Department (Bridge West) by November 1, 2023 (or earlier, if possible).

Students taking a dual enrollment course for the first time must complete the Dual Enrollment Contract, due November 1, 2023 (or earlier, if possible). The Dual Enrollment Checklist can also assist students through the dual enrollment process. For more information regarding the dual enrollment application process, visit Dual Enrollment > Enrollment and Timelines. Contracts should be returned to the Counseling Department (Bridge West).

College Application and Dual Enrollment Help Sessions

Our counselors are holding help sessions on Tuesday, October 3, during both lunches to help students with college applications and to start planning for spring dual enrollment classes. The help session will be held in the Coffee Shop at the back of the cafeteria. Counselors will also be available during this time to answer questions. Our counselors cannot meet individually with each student who needs assistance in these areas.

Information on the college application process and dual enrollment can be found on our website:

B2 Options: Week 2

View this week's B2 Options (week 3) on the chart below.

For more information on B2 Options

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Student IDs

Students will be allowed "one" temporary ID, and it is good for 24 hours. After the one temporary ID is issued, students will need to purchase a replacement, and it will be reported to their administrator for a consequence.

Temporary IDs should be returned to the Bridge East front office. If you still cannot find your ID, please go to the Bridge East Front Office for a replacement.

  • Lost your ID - Follow these steps for a replacement:
  • Step 1: Request a replacement - cost is $10
    Step 2: Pay for the ID through OSP or pay cash at the Bridge East Front Office
    Students can pick up their replacement ID in the Bridge East Office.

Upcoming College Information Sessions and Open Houses

If you are interested in attending a Historical Black College or University (HBCU), there are two information sessions coming up on October 3 and October 10. Check out these sessions.

Guilford College is in Greensboro, North Carolina, and will hold an open house on Saturday, October 14. For more information on Guilford College.

Find more information on college visits and college information sessions.

Highlighted Scholarship Opportunities

For more information on all of these scholarships, visit > Students & Families > College and Career > Scholarships.

  • University of North Georgia ROTC) - Interested in serving our country as a leader?
  • Davidson College (due October 16) - interested in Davidson College?
  • Techs of Tomorrow Automotive Scholarship (due November 13) - career in the automotive industry
  • Alexander de Guia Memoria Scholarship (due January 31) - any immigrant or child of immigrants from the Philippines.
  • ASE Engineering (due October 8) - students do not need to be in Engineering classes to apply.
  • Nija Transfers Entrepreneurship Scholarship (due October 1) - student who aspire to launch their own apparel line.
  • Windward Spirit Scholarship (due November 15) - Students striving to make a difference.
  • Sean Carroll's Mindscape Big Picture Scholarship (due December 15) - students with a curiosity in studying the universe - physics, philosophy, biology, mathematics, or literature.
  • Pierson Family Scholarship (due December 15) - for low-income, international, and/or non-US citizen students
  • Maggie's Way Women's Scholarship (due November 1) - for students pursuing STEM.
  • Joieful Connections Scholarship (due March 21) - students with developmental or intellectual disabilities.

Virtual College Visits

Virtual college visits are now taking place for Juniors and Seniors! Feel free to sign up via Naviance to meet with a college admissions representative for any of the upcoming sessions. If the session you would like to attend is during the school day, please get permission from your teacher from that class period to attend. Go to the Media Center, and don't forget your device and earbuds!

Here is a list of all upcoming Virtual College Visits

For questions, contact Ms. Thimsen in Bridge West at

Senior Information

View all the senior and graduation information at Students & Families > Seniors and Graduation.

Senior Information

Yearbook Senior Portraits

Book your senior portrait session today with CADY. Seniors

Graduation Package

It is time to order your 2024 Graduation Package. The package includes the following:

  • Cambridge custom graduation gown
  • Stole with Cambridge crest insignia
  • Cap and 2024 Tassel
  • Diploma and diploma cover
  • Graduation ceremony venue

Order now and receive the package for $155.00. Prices will go up to accommodate rush orders in January. For more information and a link to 3rd Ascent.

Stay up to date with the latest senior and graduation information at > Students and Families > Seniors and Graduation.

Be the B.R.I.D.G.E

We are always looking for ways to build culture at CHS, and this year, we want to more frequently recognize students and staff who epitomize Be the B.R.I.D.G.E. We would like to reward these students and staff for their continuous hard work through donated gift cards. So, we are asking if your family can pitch in a small gift card between 5-20 dollars; we could really make a few students’ and teachers’ day. Have your student bring gift cards of small denominations to the Bridge East Front Office.

Starbucks, Target, Amazon, Publix, Dunkin Donuts, and local restaurants are all surefire ways to make someone’s day but feel free to clean out that kitchen catch-all drawer.