Research in Google Docs


Did you know?

You can use Google Docs for research without leaving the application! Google gives students and teachers access to a variety of sources with the research tool. Google will search:

  • The entire web
  • Images
  • Scholarly articles
  • Quotes
  • Dictionary
  • Your own Drive
  • Quantitative, tabled data

Getting Started is Simple

Let's Drive

Directs to Google Drive log in.

Once you're in your Drive, create a doc by clicking "New" and "Google Docs."

Type what you want to research onto the doc.

  • words or phrases -- it all works.

Highlight the term or phrase.

Big image
Find "Tools", and select "Research."

A bar should appear on the right side of the doc under the "Comments" and "Share" buttons.

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By clicking the "G" next to the search bar, we see these options:
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These results populate like like the first page of a Google search. When you hoover over a result, you have three options that appear:
  • Preview
  • Insert Link
  • Cite
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This search feature populates with Google Images and has the option to filter by license type.
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Scholar searches yield academic journals, books, and articles that relate to the research topic. We have the option to insert the link, cite as a footnote, or click to read the information.
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Google couldn't find any quotes on "yellow journalism," but I modified my research term in the search bar to find something that could be used.
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Yep. It's a dictionary entry featuring parts of speech, pronunciation, the plural form, and the definition!
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Searching for tables yields quantitative research that are depicted in a table. Google didn't have any quantifiable data to share on "yellow journalism," but had results for the price of cotton in tables.
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Yes! Available on:

  • Android devices
  • Any browser on a desktop or laptop

Not available on:

  • iPad
  • iPhone