History of Skiing in Vermont

By: Isabelle Port

The Life of Skiing

Skiing was a form of transportation, but skiing today is used for it's recreation aspects and for it's health benefits. They used skiing to navigate the roads that were impossible to see. What they did to start skiing is they used two stick that got wrapped around your feet and the poles were just sticks.The Norwegians who lived in Stowe, were the ones to bring back the sport and make it easier. They made it com back to life. People thought that winter was a time that no one could do anything because it feels like a season that never ends. When people started to ski and it became popular the ski resorts decided to make better ski equipment. They secured there boots and waxed the skis. The first chairlift made was 6300 feet and was made to hold 200 people at a time.


The long Nordic jump was created and made into a sport after the chairlift was invented in 1940. The first ski race was in Mansfield in 1934. To race you would have to climb up the mountain and then you would go down the frenzy. The first ski lift was in 1934 and the lift was known for it' speed and for it's wild rides. The inventor for the pull rope was Pabst. He made the pull rope for the people who didn't know how to ski and was learning. A J-bar lift is a pole with a bar that sticks out of it, it helped skiers go up slopes. In 1937 Pico Peak in Shelburne, Central Vermont. In the 30's every one went the Pico's peak, it was the place to go. Shugarbush was founded in the late 1950's. Different skiing types are Alpine, Backcountry, Baithlon, and water skiing. The inventor of water skiing was a 18 year old in 1922, his name was Ralph Samuelson.


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