Tustumena Elementary Newsletter

November 6, 2013

Let me start with "Thank you!"

There are so many things going on here at Tustumena that it is hard to keep track of them all. One of the best things that happened lately was the School Carnival. Our PTO asked me to extend a hardy "Thank you!" to all of the volunteers that helped with setup, tear down, and running of the carnival. It was a record setting event. We had a record number of volunteers and that translated into a record clean up time, and a record amount of fun. They also want to again thank all of the donors to the raffle portion of the carnival. All told, we made $4400 that will go right back to supporting your kids. I would like to thank the PTO for the immense amount of work and hours they put into the carnival. It was nothing short of amazing. I have already heard of great ideas percolating for next year.

I would also like to pause and say, "Thank you," to our veterans. Next Monday, November 11, is Veteran's Day and we would not have any of the freedoms we so dearly enjoy without the sacrifices of our Veterans. "Thank you again."

SEND IN CASH RAFFLE TICKETS PLEASE. We have over 20 students/families that still have Cash Raffle tickets out. Please send all tickets, sold and unsold, and the cash back to school tomorrow. We must reconcile these tickets and sell any remaining ones soon, so we need everything back to school.

Last Wednesday, we held our second Early Release/Collaboration Day. During this time I worked with our teaching staff to solidify the science standards we must teach and how we must teach them. Our school is the only school in the district that is working on Science exclusively during the early release time. This is not to say we are not working on all of the other curricular areas, but we are really drilling in on how to best teach the field of Science. Part of the task before teachers is to make Science engaging. To that end, part of our time was spent demonstrating how to teach the Scientific Method through a demonstration of separating oxygen off of hydrogen peroxide. This may sound boring, but now visualize that we used chicken livers to do it. I had fun anyway.

Don't forget that 4th through 6th grade students have a concert on Thursday night at 6pm (kids need to be here at 5:45.) A flyer went home with the students on Tuesday with the information.

Huge Thank you! To the Kasilof Eagles and our PTO for hosting the Trunk or Treat.

From the Kitchen

What qualifies as a reimbursable Lunch meal???

***For full pay and students qualifying as free or reduced priced eligible, a reimbursable LUNCH meal must be made up of at least 3 items. And one of these 3 items must be a fruit/veggie.


A student could take a milk, a roll, and the fruit /veggie= reimbursable Lunch meal.

A student could take a chicken breast and bread stick and the fruit/veggie= reimbursable Lunch meal.

***If a student that qualifies for free or reduced meal benefits and only take a milk they are charged $0.60***

Seconds on A la Carte items are at times available to students. Regardless of the students meal benefit program, seconds are charged the full price which ranges from $1.50 to $3.00 depending on the item. When available additional milk are $0.60 and Juice $0.50