Language Arts Newsletter


We have really grown as a community of readers and writers. Read below to find out some exciting things about our work during language arts time.

Tiger Tales..... One book..... One community

Author Barbara O'Connor, came to visit us on Tuesday, March 29th. She is the author of The Fantastic Secret of Owen Jester. We really enjoyed hearing about her experiences as a writer. She even wrote about her visit in her blog. Click here to go to her blog and read about her visit with Harbins Elementary students.

Education Galaxy

Students have been quite engaged in our new program that has taken the place of Study Island. Please ask your student to show you what he/she has been practicing in Language Arts, Reading, and Math. Some students have even completed all of the sessions on Education Galaxy in just a few short weeks. It has been assigned for homework since March 14th. Students may choose to use their 20 minutes of reading each night to work on Education Galaxy.

Georgia Milestones - helpful information

A portion of the English Language Arts test, as well as the Mathematics test includes constructed response questions.

Constructed response includes:

* a question, problem, or statement - but no answer choices

*Students have to write out their answers in a paragraph or work out a problem.

* They must read the question carefully and think about what they are asked to do.

* In English Language Arts, students must go back to the passage to look for details and information.

*They will be scored on accuracy and how well they support their answers with evidence from the text.

Dates for the test:

English/Language Arts sections 1 & 2: April 18, 2016 *Students have up to 75 minutes to complete each section.

English/Language Arts section 3: April 19, 2016*Students will be given a maximum of 90 minutes to complete this section.

Math sections 1 & 2: April 21, 2016

Science sections 1 & 2: April 25, 2016

Social Studies sections 1 & 2: April 27, 2016

Helpful links from the Georgia Department of Education website:

Georgia Milestones Information

Grade 3 Student/Parent Study/Resource Guide