Mrs. Rahn's Newsletter

December 12th 2014

What's up in Kindergarten!!

I am starting a new type of newsletter that I find to be more user friendly and way cuter. :) I will be adding pictures of whats going on in the classroom as well as my usual "This week in Kindergarten".

This week in Kindergarten...

In writing we continue to work on our Pattern Books. The students are doing such a wonderful job coming up with their own pattern and writing about it. They are using a lot of their sight words in their pattern books which is great reinforcement of how to spell it and what it looks like in text. They also continue to work on writing in mostly all lower case letters with adding spaces between words. Some of the students have even gotten to go share their writing with Mrs. Dryden. :)

In Math we are working on writing and recognizing teen numbers 11-19. They have also been introduced to addition and subtraction. They are doing really well at both addition and subtraction. We will continue to work on addition and subtraction as well as teen numbers for the remainder of the year.....2014 that is. :)

In literacy we have been focusing a lot on sight words. At this point in the year the students should be able to identify and spell we, the, you, am, is, it, can, me, my, like, look, I, a, are and go. On Friday, I sent home sight word flashcards for you to have at home and work with your child on. Just going through a few a night will make a huge difference in your child's reading and writing. We are also working very hard on CVC (consonant, vowel, consonant) words. Ex. cat, man, pat, pig, wig. We have been learning how to sound out each sound and then put them all together to read the word. p-a-t=pat.

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